The press is enraged after Biden ditches them during crucial meeting with foreign leaders

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Joe Biden and his staff are constantly trying to avoid the media. They don’t want them to report on how awful the president is at speaking in front of cameras.

And the press is enraged after Biden ditches them during a crucial meeting with foreign leaders.

Last Thursday, President Joe Biden, Philippine President Bongbong Marcos, and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, held a meeting together in the East Room of the White House.

Reporters were supposed to be present for the occasion but did not get to hear Biden’s opening statements because they were held downstairs in a hallway by White House press handlers instead.

New York Times’ pool reporter Michael Shear sent out an email to his colleagues in the press to update them on why he and other reporters missed Biden’s statements.

In his email, Shear said, “Bad news: The White House held most of the press in the lower hallway in the East Wing even as the pool spray at the Trilateral meeting got under way.”

He continued, saying, “[a]s a result your pooler and most of the American and Philippine reporters were not taken into the East Room until after [Biden] had concluded speaking.”

Once reporters were finally allowed into the room, President Marcos was making his closing remarks.

They were ten ushered out of the room with one journalist yelling out a question to President Biden which he ignored.

No official reason was given as to why the press wasn’t able to hear most of the remarks in the meeting.

There is speculation that the White House staff involved in helping wrangle reporters was simply inexperienced and didn’t properly handle the situation correctly.

Another theory is that Biden’s staff simply didn’t want the media to catch the president making any sort of humiliating gaffes that could further hurt his credibility.

It’s no secret that Joe Biden can barely make it through a speech without slurring his words or saying something completely ridiculous.

The day before the meeting with Marcos and Kishida, Biden said during a press conference that he’s living in the “20th century.”

The president’s declining mental fitness continues to be on display practically anytime he appears on camera or in public.

It wouldn’t surprise anyone if the White House staff purposely kept the press away from Biden’s meeting with the foreign leaders so that they couldn’t report on him embarrassing himself.

And as the 2024 election continues to heat up, expect more of President Biden hiding away from reporters so he doesn’t say anything that could hurt his chances in winning reelection.

The American people deserve to hear what the president has to say on various issues. But that option isn’t always afforded to them because of the Biden administration shuffling journalists away from simply reporting on the Joe Biden’s public remarks.

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