The View is in panic mode after latest revelation about Joe Biden

Sunny Hostin

Leftist media outlets want nothing more than for Biden to win the 2024 election. But now worry is setting in that the opposite will happen.

And The View is in panic mode after this latest revelation about Joe Biden.

ABC’s The View is one of the worst programs on television right now.

Their constant ramblings about how Donald Trump is basically Hitler and how Democrats can do no wrong, has grown incredibly tiresome.

That’s not to mention their collective IQs are embarrassingly low, leading to some of the worst political commentary anyone can watch.

But one thing that is enjoyable to watch from The View, is their meltdown over their concerns of President Biden not being able to win reelection.

Specifically, the hosts believe that Biden might not be able to win over the support of younger voters and black voters.

“I do wonder, because voting rights are still under attack, because of student loan debt, because of the HBCU gap in tuition, the lack of funding, because of no police reform or real police reform, whether or not black voters are going to support this president,” co-host Sunny Hostin said.

“I hope they will. They must because the other option – the alternative is the alternative from hell.”

Another co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, explained that younger voters might be less likely to support Biden because of his support of Israel after Hamas launched an attack on the Jewish nation on October 7 that killed 1,400 Israelis.

Griffin also believes younger voters might reject the president because he didn’t do anything to cancel student loans.

“One thing I’m shocked at is that this young vote in regard to what’s going on in the Middle East has so supremely – I don’t know if it will affect where they vote or if they vote, but there’s a certain ignorance, and it might be just inherent to lack of experience, that they would risk getting Donald Trump,” said co-host Sara Haines in response to Griffin’s comments on younger voters.

“If they don’t like what President Biden has done in the Middle East, wait for it, young people, wait for it, ’cause Donald Trump is not going to be the right person for the job.”

For once, the hosts of The View are right about something. Joe Biden’s performance among young voters is in need of some work.

According to a new NBC poll, President Biden is polling at 42% among voters from the ages of 18-34. Donald Trump is sitting at 46% with the same demographic.

Other polling data shows that 59% of voters who are under the age of 30-years-old, feel as though the current economy is “poor.”

And while the The View should be worried about Biden’s support among these demographics, maybe it’s time they realize that Joe Biden is just a bad president.

That’s incredibly unlikely at the moment, but if the president continues to fall in the polls, he may force their hand.

For now, though, it’ll be pretty hilarious to watch The View panic more and more as election day approaches in 2024.

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