The View’s Joy Behar confesses to laying in bed thinking about this top Republican

joy behar

The View has become the laughingstock of talk TV shows. They are never making any sense whatsoever.

But Joy Behar took everyone by surprise when she confessed to laying in bed thinking about this top Republican.

Joy Behar has a confession about a specific presidential candidate to make.

“I think about him sometimes when I’m lying in bed and have nothing else to think about,” Behar joked on ABC’s “The View.”

What is the source of Behar’s nighttime mind wanderings? Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a Republican.

Behar went on to say that Gov. DeSantis’ campaign is a “non-starter” because he “can’t get past this… MAGA base” that supports President Trump.

She then encouraged DeSantis to “just get out of the race” because “you’re not gonna win.”

Behar’s remarks lend themselves to two distinct lines of thought.

The first is Behar’s prediction and subsequent advice to Gov. DeSantis’ campaign.

It remains to be seen whether DeSantis should “drop out of the race” because he is “not going to win.” However, there is no doubt that DeSantis will meet stiff opposition from the MAGA base.

More than just avoiding upsetting President Trump’s millions of followers is required of DeSantis. The governor of Florida must persuade those voters to forsake a man who they believe has already been abandoned by a slew of dishonest political elites.

Trump represents his disenchanted voters’ growing disillusionment from a corrupt political elite riddled with professional opportunists.

MAGA followers’ view that Trump has been treated poorly by those who claim to support him forms a strong relationship between the former president and those who adore him.

Behar’s remarks, on the other hand, may have given DeSantis an unintended lift. The sheer fact that Behar has been fired may inspire some MAGA voters to reconsider the Florida governor.

One interesting example is Behar’s remark on DeSantis in the segment. Behar’s co-hosts moaned about his faulty Twitter announcement for several minutes. At one point, co-host Sara Haines made the expected observation that presidential candidates want to make a big announcement when they announce their candidacy. Sunny Hostin, another co-host, exclaimed, “Remember Joe Biden’s?” “The Nation’s Soul!”

It makes little difference whether Biden has exhibited catastrophic incompetence or is a warmonger’s sock puppet.

What matters to Hostin is that Biden’s vile statements reaffirm her of her elevated position within the government, allowing her to feel above to the MAGA masses.

MAGA voters are very aware of Hostin, Behar, the establishment media, and almost the whole entertainment sector.

In short, if DeSantis wants MAGA support, he should look forward to negative treatment from “The View.”

It’s possible that she believes DeSantis has a better chance of winning than she’s letting on, and that’s why she’d be stressing about it as much as she is.

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