The View’s Whoopi Goldberg confesses dark secret involving Donald Trump

Whoopi Goldberg

It’s no secret that the Left and their media personalities hate former President Trump. But this is far more shameful than you’d ever expect.

And The View’s Whoopi Goldberg confessed a dark secret involving Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been in and out of court as Democrats desperately throw everything they can at him to stop his presidential run.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that they don’t care about any alleged crimes, it’s all politics.

Even Trump’s presiding judge couldn’t help but smile and smirk when he saw Trump show up to court:

And now Whoopi Goldberg appeared irritated by former President Donald Trump’s right to free speech, especially when he has used that right to openly criticize the persons engaged in his current trial.

Goldberg made her complaint during Tuesday’s broadcast of the ABC noon talk show, claiming that his public comments about the judge and prosecutors amounted to “threats” and would endanger them and possibly others.


“Why can he continue to threaten judges, threaten AGs, and threaten just people?” Goldberg inquired, while co-host Sunny Hostin solemnly nodded in accord.

“Now, I understand that some folks say it’s freedom of speech, but if I did that, they would not consider it freedom of speech,” Goldberg continued, appearing to suggest that she would face consequences if she were to make public complaints in a similar situation.

“So why does he get to continue to threaten — and it’s threats like he did with January 6th,” she said.

“He basically said, ‘Come after her.’ He didn’t say exactly those words, but I don’t know how else you take those words — but why is he continuously allowed to do that when none of us would be able to?”

If Whoopi had her way, Trump would walk around with duct tape around his mouth and be threatened with jail time for taking it off.

For her, freedom is a privilege reserved for Democrats, not everyone.

Later in the discussion, co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin accused Trump of “hiding behind the First Amendment” — and Behar noted that Trump had done the same when he verbally attacked former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley and his own former Vice President Mike Pence.

Hostin went on to say that limited “gag orders” had already been issued, instructing Trump not to intimidate possible witnesses in an attempt to influence the outcome of the trial — but she also pointed out that those orders had not been very “expansive,” leaving him with plenty of leeway.

Well, thank God the judge’s gag order is not “expansive.” It only censors Trump partially, what a blessing.

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