The White House has been infiltrated by major American enemy

george soros

There’s been concerns that Joe Biden has been compromised for years. Now we know for sure.

Because the White House has been infiltrated by a major American enemy.

Conservatives have been raising concerns that Joe Biden has been compromised by those who threaten the security of America as a sovereign nation.

Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine and with the Chinese have been a major investigative point for Republicans in the House seeking to keep the Biden admin accountable.

But Americans now have evidence that the Biden White House is absolutely compromised, but not in the way you expect.

White House records that were investigated by Fox News show that the George Soros family has a strong connection with Biden and other federal officials.

According to Fox News, George Soros’s son, Alexander Soros, has been to the White House more than a dozen times just since October of 2021.

Fox News reports:

Soros — who has worked to carry his father’s torch as he has assisted with fundraising efforts for the Democratic Party — traveled to the White House at least 14 times since October 2021 and had meetings with multiple officials in 2022, according to White House visitor logs reviewed by Fox News Digital.

Fox News notes that Alexander Soros is directly involved with and is a major player in his father’s international political fundraising efforts.

Alexander serves as a chair on the Open Society Foundations, which is the organization Soros started to bankroll radical Leftists seeking to completely change American and European societies.

Alexander Soros also has been meeting with high-profile Democrats, including former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Cindy McCain, and Senate Democrat Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

Alex Soros

Alex Soros

It’s unknown what took place at these meetings at the White House, but there’s no way it’s completely innocent and unimportant.

No one goes to the White House at least 14 times in just a year and a half for small talk.

The radical progressive billionaire George Soros has obviously infiltrated the White House through his son, likely to keep attention off of the meetings. That should concern all Americans about whether Joe Biden is being bought out by foreign actors.

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