The White House is circulating a radical memo that should terrify you

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Joe Biden sold himself as a “moderate” politician who would unite America. That was all a bald-faced lie.

Because the White House is circulating a radical memo that should utterly terrify you.

Ron Klain was Joe Biden’s White House Chief of Staff for a little more than two years between January 2020, 2021, and February 7, 2023.

According to several outlets, he reportedly grew tired of the strenuous role he was put in trying to keep the White House together and saving face.

It’s also possible that he stepped down as a result of being strongly warned in October 2022 about his Hatch Act violation as a result of his endorsing Democrat fundraising efforts on Twitter as a sitting member of the Executive branch.

After Klain left, Joe Biden announced that Jeff Zients would be his new White House Chief of Staff. Zients served in the Barack Obama administration as the director of the National Economic Council between the years 2014 and 2017.

Zients is largely unknown in the political space, but he’s coming to shake things up in the Biden administration right away, and it all starts with a memo he’s sharing in the White House.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Zients said in a memo that they need to “aggressively” implement Biden’s agenda and added that he implied that he expects this to be done as the “right team can accomplish anything.”

The Wall Street Journal writes:

In his memo to staff, Mr. Zients emphasized the need to “aggressively and equitably” implement Mr. Biden’s policies and effectively communicate how they benefit Americans. He is expected to focus in part on the implementation of Mr. Biden’s domestic policies, such as the $1 trillion infrastructure law that Mr. Biden signed in his first year and a $52.7 billion investment in semiconductor manufacturing under the so-called Chips Act.

Not only that, but the article also notes how Zients was extremely dogmatic in defending Joe Biden’s agenda during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The WSJ says that Zients staff gifted him a blanket with the Biden national strategy for COVID-19 document printed on it with the backside saying “Execution, execution, execution.”

In challenging times, Mr. Zients often held up a document containing the White House’s national strategy for Covid-19 to keep his team on course. He referred to it so often that staff gifted him a blanket with its cover on the front. The other side contained bold letters channeling Mr. Zients: “Execution, execution, execution.”

There’s a reason Zients has become a favorite in Democrat and specifically “progressive” Democrat circles.

That reason is that he is unwilling to accept failure to achieve what he wants as an option. And that should terrify Americans.


Because the Democrats’ “progressive” agenda has been damaging to the fabric of American society in many ways, including the economy and the culture.

These “progressive” agendas being peddled by Joe Biden and the Democrats have led to astronomical inflation and wage stagnation that has hurt Americans from every walk of life.

Furthermore, Americans have largely rejected the radical progressive agendas like indoctrinating kids into transgender ideology from a young age.

But what we’ve learned about Zients is that he doesn’t care what the reality of the political atmosphere is. He wants their agendas implemented and anyone who doesn’t fall in line will be forced out of his way.

It makes you wonder what the new Biden admin with several new high-profile officials will be up to in the next several months. They may be acknowledging that winning the White House again in 2024 will be too much of an ask, and as a result, they are trying to punch their hardest while they have the chance.

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