The White House was hit with alarming news that they may never recover from

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The Biden administration is in trouble. Their time in Washington, D.C. has been utterly catastrophic.

And the White House was hit with alarming news that they may never recover from.

The 2024 presidential election will be here before anyone knows it.

That’s bad news for the Biden White House and the Democrats because according to Breitbart News, voter registration on the Left is on the decline in multiple swing states.

The news outlet reports that in November of 2020, Democrats boasted a 685,818 advantage of registered voters over Republicans in Pennsylvania.

In April of 2024, that number has decreased to 399,494. Basically, Democrats lost 286,324 of their registered voters in Pennsylvania since the 2020 presidential election.

Joe Biden only won the Keystone State in 2020 by fewer than 81,000 votes.

This same trend is occurring in North Carolina too, where Democrats had a 391,414 registered voter advantage over the GOP in 2020, but now has just a 170,943 advantage.

In Nevada, there were 86,723 more registered Democrats than registered Republicans in November of 2020. That number has now decreased to 32,856 as of this year.

Florida is the biggest disaster for the Left. In November 2020, Democrats had 97,215 more registered voters than Republicans.

But as of April 2024, Republicans can now boast a 888,563 voter advantage. That’s a major swing in momentum for the Right.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has recently stated that the GOP is “within reach” of securing a million voter advantage.

Colorado is a state where Democrats can see an increase in registered voters.

Since 2020, they’ve gained a little more than 4,000 voters.

These decreases in registered voters for Democrats could prove to be disastrous for them come November.

Americans are already growing tired of the failed policies of the Biden administration which has brought an awful economy, poor foreign policy decisions, and a major crisis at the southern border.

If these decreases in voters for the Left continue, then Joe Biden could very well be a one-term president.

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