This Democrat Congressman made a mockery of Christianity with this shocking move

The radical Left is trying to purge this country of Christianity and traditional values. The government is the only God they want for the American people.

And this Democrat Congressman made a mockery of Christianity with this shocking move.

Over the past few decades, there has been a silent war against the Judeo-Christian values of America.

The first big win for the Left came when the Supreme Court invalidated every state’s law regarding the definition of marriage.

It didn’t matter what the people of the states said, every knee would be forced to bow to Wokeness.

And in their latest push for gender ideology and the removal of any mention of God in schools and public life, the Left wants to crush our hope in anything but the federal government.

But one freshman Congressman just took the cake with his radical mockery of Christianity.

Robert Garcia, who will be the next Democratic Representative from California, says he will be sworn in “on the U.S. Constitution” and a rare Superman comic book.

Garcia chose the first edition from 1939 because he has always liked comics, especially the Man of Steel.

“Will be proudly sworn-in to Congress on the US Constitution. Underneath the Constitution will be three items that mean a lot to me personally. A photo of my parents who I lost to Covid, my citizenship certificate, and an original Superman #1 from the Library Of Congress,” Garcia tweeted on Tuesday.

It is said that the first edition of Superman is on loan from the Library of Congress. During swearing-in ceremonies, lawmakers can use works of history from the library.

Garcia, who is openly gay and the son of Peruvian immigrants, has said that he related to Superman as a child and has been a fan ever since. He was happy when DC Comics said in 2021 that a version of the superhero was bisexual.

“An immigrant, a sense of justice, and a secret identity. His son, Jon Kent is coming out in the comics. I’m proud of @DCComics & @TomTaylorMade for giving young LGBTQ+ people a hero of their own,” he tweeted.

In a post from November, when he first went to the Congressional members reading room at the Library of Congress, Garcia also talked about how excited he was about comic books.

“OK y’all I’m freaking out. This is the Congressional members reading room in the Library of Congress. I can pull any comic book from what is the largest public comic collection in the country and read them here. Let’s go!” he tweeted.

Garcia said that when he was sworn in, he would also have a picture of his parents under the Constitution. In 2020, both his mother and stepfather died from COVID.

“She immigrated from Peru to the United States in search of the American Dream — and she found it,” Garcia said following his mother’s death. “She loved to help people and lived a happy and joyous life. She will always be our guiding light and the center of our lives.”

During an interview with the Long Beach Press-Telegram, the new congressman said that he and his mother both liked comic books.

“She was a little bit of a nerd, like me,” Garcia said. “She loved going to Comic-Con. She liked reading books about vampires and monsters. And she loved going to movies. We went to a lot of movies and especially liked scary ones.”

When Garcia was five, his family moved from Peru to California. Later, he became an American citizen and then was elected mayor of Long Beach.

Members of Congress usually take their oath of office on a Bible. But there is no rule that says you have to. Garcia will be the first congressman to use a comic book in his ceremony.

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