This Democrat’s career is over after a shocking betrayal from a former ally in Congress

Rashida Tlaib

Politics can be a messy game. This Leftist found that out the hard way.

And this Democrat’s career is over after a shocking betrayal from a former ally in Congress.

The Hamas-Israel war has everyone on edge.

Many politicians on both sides of the aisle, including President Joe Biden, have come out in support of Israel.

But Squad member and radical-Leftist, Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) don’t necessarily agree with that stance.

Tlaib, who’s been known to be pro-Palestine during her time on Capitol Hill, has been pleading for a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.

However, she’s avoided condemning Hamas and their allies for their acts of terror, leaving some to believe she doesn’t really want peace for all involved in the war.

And after a rocket that misfired and hit a hospital in Gaza, leaving innocent civilians dead, Tlaib was quick to blame Israel for the incident despite U.S. intelligence ruling that Islamic Jihad were the ones responsible.

Islamic Jihad is a terror group in Palestine that works with Hamas.

Rep. Tlaib even has her original post on X (formerly Twitter) blaming Israel for bombing, still up on her profile.

But now, fellow Democrat Congressman Jared Moskowitz (FL) is calling for Tlaib to be censured over her unwillingness to put the blame on Islamic Jihad for the failed missile strike.

“Look, Congress is unified in its support of Israel,” Moskowitz said on an appearance on Fox News’ Outnumbered.

“I continue to be disappointed in members of Congress who are not willing to listen to US intelligence and listen to the Biden administration, who have said Israel had nothing to do with the issue that happened in the parking lot of the hospital.”

“Any member of Congress who continues to trust Hamas’ information over US information is obviously deeply concerning,” the congressman continued.

Moskowitz, a Jewish man, told Outnumbered co-host, Kayleigh McEnany, that a censure resolution will likely come to the House floor in the near future regarding Tlaib.

“Oh, listen, I think once we get a House speaker here, I think that censure resolution will come to the floor. And I do think it’s something that everyone should consider.”

If members of Rashida Tlaib’s own party are willing to call her out and possibly censure her, that spells big trouble for the representative from Michigan.

And it would be no problem for Democrats like Moskowitz to join forces with Republicans – who already oppose Tlaib’s radical views – to have the congresswoman censured.

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