This felony has stopped Joe Biden dead in his tracks

marco rubio

The scandals are piling up for Joe Biden and his admin. He won’t be able to overcome this latest one.

Because a felony has stopped Joe Biden dead in his tracks.

Joe Biden has watched his agenda come to a screeching halt in recent months for a variety of reasons.

His unconstitutional student loan forgiveness plan has been caught up in the courts and is actually now before the Supreme Court.

Biden’s classified documents scandal has also taken focus away from his agenda and forced him to deal with investigations into that debacle.

Then, of course, Ukraine’s war against Russia has suddenly become a number one issue for many on the Left, and Joe Biden’s been forced to give that attention as well as cold hard American taxpayer cash.

But that’s not all. Now his nominations for positions within the executive branch are being halted as well.

In fact, one of his nominees for the position of Ambassador to India is being put on hold due to a felony they are being investigated for.

Eric Garcetti was nominated by Joe Biden to become the Ambassador to India in July of 2021. But Democrat Chuck Schumer has been avoiding a Senate vote for Garcetti due to concerns that Garcetti might have been covering up assault cases during his time as the mayor of Los Angeles.

Now Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) has announced that he’s putting Garcetti’s nomination on hold.

He also announced that he’s putting half-a-dozen other Biden nominees on hold.

Townhall reports:

In July 2021, President Joe Biden nominated Garcetti. However, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has yet to schedule a floor vote amid allegations that he covered up a sexual assault committed by a top aide.

The other six nominees Rubio is attempting to stop include a pro-abortion extremist and someone who did legal work for a country where human rights are abused.

Rubio said of Garcetti that he “ignored credible” assault accusations and implied that another nominee might be compromised for China.

“One of these nominees has ignored credible sexual assault accusations in his prior office. Another has done legal work with solar panel companies operating in Xinjiang, where egregious human rights abuses are committed,” Rubio began.

He continued to list off all the horrible things that the Biden nominees are being accused of, including extremist views on abortion and being involved with the Cuban dictatorship.

“The list also contains an abortion extremist, someone with no diplomatic or investment experience, and an individual who has supported a policy of engagement with Cuba’s murderous dictatorship,” Rubio continued.

Finally, Rubio said that he won’t ignore the accusations being lobbed against Biden’s nominations and said that if the nominations were confirmed, they would “hasten” the decline of America.

“I will not turn a blind eye to these absurd nominations, which will hasten America’s decline,” Rubio finished.

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