This police officer just made an announcement about jail time for Donald Trump

Donald Trump

The radical Left has been trying to silence Donald Trump for years. They think they have their winning ticket.

And this police officer just made an announcement about jail time for Donald Trump.

Ever since 2016, Democrats have been fuming that someone outside the D.C. swamp could become the president.

They knew Donald Trump wasn’t one of them, and they hated that he fought for the people of this country.

We were fed 24/7 lies about how Trump was a supposed Russian asset – a traitor to this country – when in fact the Clinton campaign had been cutting deals with Russians.

They impeached Trump for his dealings with Ukraine, which turned out to be a nothing-burger. And, in fact, Joe Biden did the exact crime they accused Trump of committing.

With all of these failures, you’d think the fake news media would cut their losses. But this is personal for them.

Trump never bowed to the media narratives and constantly told it like it was to journalists’ faces.

That’s why they are so hellbent on memorializing the events of January 6th as some sort of new 9/11 or burning of the White House.

To them, the conservative movement is more than a political enemy, it is a “danger to democracy” that must be snuffed out.

And in a recent airing on CNN, their latest guest suggested Donald Trump be thrown in jail.

On Friday, a CNN analyst who was going to get a medal from President Joe Biden complained that former President Donald Trump was “still… a free man.”

“I’m frustrated at the lack of accountability for those that were responsible for orchestrating the attack on our Capitol on January 6th,” CNN law enforcement analyst Michael Fanone told CNN “This Morning” co-host Kaitlan Collins. 

“You know, we’re two years out, and while we have cycled a lot of individuals through the criminal justice system that participated in the attack, you know, Donald Trump is still walking around a free man.” 

Fanone, a former D.C. Metropolitan Police officer who was hurt in the Capitol building riot on January 6, 2021, is one of 12 people who will get the Presidential Citizens Medal on Friday.

The Jan. 6 Select Committee sent a referral to the Justice Department on December 19, saying that Trump broke several laws, including inciting or helping to start a rebellion.

No federal official has been charged, but the Justice Department has taken the cell phones of Republican Rep. Scott Perry of Pennsylvania, former DOJ employee Jeffrey Clark, and law professor John Eastman.

Over 900 people have been charged with crimes because of what they did during the Capitol riot.

During an October CNN appearance, Fanone compared Republicans and people who watched polling places in Arizona to the KKK.

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