This presidential campaign is on the verge of collapse after massive scandal is exposed

robert f. kennedy jr

There’s nothing easy about running for president. But this candidate didn’t realize that when they threw their hat in the ring.

And this presidential campaign is on the verge of collapse after a massive scandal is exposed.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., an independent candidate for the 2024 presidential election, is experiencing great turmoil in his campaign thus far.

According to reports from Mediaite, Kennedy has lost a large amount of staff due to them becoming disgruntled with how his campaign is being run.

Specifically, they felt like there wasn’t proper leadership within the campaign, a lack of proper organization, and unnecessary spending.

Mediaite also reports that 14 staff members have quit since the beginning of 2024.

Amaryllis Fox Kennedy, who is Kennedy’s daughter-in-law and campaign manager, is being blamed for a lot of the issues and is known as “self-serving” and working for “their own personal advancement,” according to what a source close to the campaign told Mediaite.

The same was also said about Del Bigtree, the communications director.

“The campaign is a mess because upper management consists of people who are serving their own needs rather than the candidate’s,” another source said.

“There is no one with any political experience and it shows.”

When Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports came out recently, staff members were surprised at how much some of the leaders of the campaign were being paid.

For example, KFP Consulting, Bigtree’s firm, was given $35,000 just in the month of December.

“When the reports came out and everyone saw the obscene amount of money some people are making, while they are often paying for their own promotional materials out of pocket and can’t get their gas stipend covered, many people started thinking those people are scamming and skimming to line their pockets,” one staffer said.

That same individual also noted a time when Bigtree was present for a virtual meeting on Zoom while at a ski resort.

“Del is running around spending money lavishly. He’s doing Zoom calls from the slopes with champagne while many people are volunteers and not getting paid,” a different source explained.

“With over a hundred staff members and tens of thousands of volunteers nationwide, Team Kennedy has great folks come and go depending on the needs of each phase of the campaign. AS the most successful independent campaign of the last three decades, we wish them nothing but the best,” read a statement from Amaryllis Fox Kennedy.

“NBC’s latest polls has RFK at 34% with nine months still ahead, and we are laser-focused on delivering a historic victory for our country this November.”

“We have the most successful independent campaign in three decades as a result of our leadership and the staffing decisions we’ve made.”

But despite her comments on the situation, that “successful independent campaign” may be headed for a nose dive thanks to her poor leadership and the amount of staff that have left because of it.

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