This Republican governor calls it quits in shocking fashion

asa hutchinson

It’s not every day when a politician up and leaves his post. But that’s exactly what happened here.

And this Republican governor calls it quits in shocking fashion.

After the Iowa caucus on Monday night, it was evident who the front-runner is for the Republican primary.

That front-runner of course is former President Donald Trump.

But what was also evident was which Republican candidates had little to no shot of winning the party’s nomination.

One of those candidates is former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson.

After the results rolled in, Hutchinson announced on Tuesday that it was time for him to suspend his campaign.

“I stand by the campaign I ran,” the former gov. said.

“I answered every question, sounded the warning to the GOP about the risks in 2024 and presented hope for our country’s future.”

Hutchinson had an awful showing in the Hawkeye state, finishing in sixth place with only 0.2% of the vote.

In total who only garnered 191 votes and finished behind candidate Ryan Binkley who is even lesser known than Hutchinson himself.

Hutchinson ran on the premise that Trump is not qualified for the presidency due to his alleged responsibility with the riots on January 6, 2021.

And with that premise, he carried optimism that he would be able to stay in the primary race in March to continue to challenge Trump.

“By then, you’re going to have a dramatic change, in my judgement, in the politics of the presidential race,” Hutchinson said during an interview in November with 40/29 News On the Record.

“You’re going to have some that are up now that will be down. Trump will be halfway through his trials. And so I expect dramatic changes.”

Clearly Hutchinson’s campaign came nowhere close to threatening the Trump campaign.

The former president was able to secure a crushing defeat of his opponents in Iowa, and looks to soar towards the party’s nomination with relative ease.

And just like former Governor Chris Christie, Governor Hutchinson’s anti-Trump campaign likely turned more voters away in the long run.

Hutchinson also joins fellow Republican Vivek Ramaswamy as the latest candidates to drop out after the Iowa caucus.

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