This terrifying video of Joe Biden is simply unbelievable

Joe Biden

There’s no denying that Biden is unfit for office. Not after this latest blunder.

Because this terrifying video of Joe Biden is simply unbelievable.

President Joseph Biden made another humiliating mistake.

In his speech on Tuesday at the White House Conservation in Action Summit, Biden declared his intention to establish in Nevada a new national monument.

He had no notion whatsoever how to say it, which was a serious issue.

One would assume that Biden would have discovered the name when collaborating with those responsible for building the memorial, or at the very least while getting ready for the address. Regrettably, he didn’t appear to know the name of the memorial.

The audience laughed timidly as Biden slipped over the name, trying to pass the time by saying, “And I want you to know it’s a big deal,” before several of them jumped in to help by shouting out the name of the monument.

Eventually, Biden said, “I just know it as Spirit Mountain.” He was met with the type of cheers usually reserved for toddlers saying their first word.

He seemed to be slowly reading lines from a teleprompter during the speech, and his attention seemed fixed on something in the distance.

In that video, Biden appears more like a wide-eyed machine than an actual human giving a speech, let alone the president.

Journalist Benny Johnson tweeted that the situation is “getting worse” as many people quickly pointed out that this episode was symbolic of the larger issues concerning Biden’s mental acuity.

In fact, things have grown so bad that the president’s mental well-being is becoming a national security concern.

At first, all these mistakes were really kind of funny, but when health concerns for Biden kept coming up, they quickly turned into worries.

In addition to the economy’s collapse, an open border, and nationwide train derailments, crime is at an all-time high. Even worse, China and Russia are showing their muscles and seriously endangering US interests.

We need a strong leader who inspires confidence in the American people during this period of crisis and uncertainty, and Joe Biden is not that person.

Our only hope is that we stave off disaster for a couple more years until we can get someone who’s actually competent in the Oval Office.

No, Kamala Harris, that’s not you.

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