Top Democrat terrorized Biden with one extraordinary act of betrayal

Joe Biden

Biden’s list of friends is growing thin. Day by day, his ship is sinking.

And this Top Democrat just terrorized Biden with one extraordinary act of betrayal.

Joe Biden is at one of the lowest points in his presidency.

Right as he announces his candidacy for a second term, his approval ratings are the some of the worst he’s ever experienced.

In fact, according the Real Clear Politics poll average, only 34.8% of Americans approve of Joe Biden’s job performance – compare that to the 58.7% who disapprove.

It’s gotten so bad for the aging president, that many who should be his allies are starting to flip on him in search of greener pastures.

And one of them just opened the door to abandoning the Democrat Party altogether.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has aroused rumors that he may leave the Democratic Party before the 2024 election, following recent remarks about having a tight relationship with “No Labels.”

The Democrat senator emphasized his affiliation with No Labels, a political organization that has been working to allow all 50 states to vote on a third-party presidential candidate, as well as the prospect of a statewide candidacy.

“I’ve been part of No Labels since December of 2010. It’s the only game in town that wants to bring people together and get Democrats and Republicans working together,” Manchin told the Hill.

When asked if he could run on the No Labels ticket across the country, Manchin said, “People are starving, starving to work together.”

He added that voters are sick of “this constant, daily routine of everyone’s against everybody and everybody’s fighting and arguing…Let’s be for the country and get something done.”

Manchin, a moderate senator running for reelection in a deep red state, has kept his preparations for the 2024 election close to the vest for quite some time.

This has sparked discussion about whether he will compete for reelection to the United States Senate, run for president, or run as a Democrat at all.

Despite keeping people guessing, the West Virginia Senate campaign has already heated up, with Gov. Jim Justice (R-WV) joining the race last week and Rep. Alex Mooney (R-WV) on the Republican side vying to replace Manchin.

Shortly after Justice’s announcement, Manchin issued a statement asserting that he is “laser-focused on doing the job West Virginians elected me to do” and that he “will win any race” he joins.

Manchin told NBC’s Meet the Press last month that he would not make a choice “until the end of the year” because his filing deadline is not until the middle of January next year.

However, the last time he ran for reelection, he did not declare his intention to run until January 23, 2018, four weeks before the election.

Of course, Manchin is no paragon of political conservatism, and aligns with Joe Biden and the Left on some of their more mainstream ideas.

But that just doesn’t cut it for them – they need him to fall in line if they have any hope of getting their radical agenda shoved down America’s throat.

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