Top GOP candidate knocked out of race after shocking development

Asa Hutchinson

The GOP presidential race is heating up. And American voters are watching with bated breath.

But now a top GOP candidate has been knocked out of the race due to a shocking development.

The RNC recently listed the names of the candidates who will qualify for the next debate, and the list is notably missing a key player.

The debate is held Wednesday at the Ronald Regan Presidential Library in California where only 7 GOP candidates are going to continue the long race for the nomination.

Former Governor of Arkansas, Asa Hutchinson, was notably absent from the list that the RNC released, and many voters are interested to know why.

The RNC disqualified Hutchinson from the debate because of his polling numbers and support.

They announced stricter qualifications for candidates in order to restrict the number of options for Republican voters.

According to the Post, “To make the Simi Valley stage, candidates had to prove that they had at least 50,000 unique donors to their campaigns, and they had to register at least 3 percent in two national polls or 3 percent in one national poll and two polls from separate early-nominating states such as Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada.”

Former Gov. Hutchinson stated, “I understand that the RNC and the media are trying to reduce the number of candidates, but I measure success based on the response I receive in early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire.”

Hutchinson went on further to say that he would continue campaigning in order to raise his numbers a bit more.

He said, “My goal is to increase my polling numbers to 4% in an early state before Thanksgiving. If that goal is met, then I remain competitive and in contention for either Caucus Day or Primary Day.”

Donald Trump remains the clear frontrunner in the race, but the field continues to narrow and the RNC is attempting to make it as easy as possible for voters.

They are attempting to exclude candidates that they don’t believe have a chance at winning the nomination or beating Biden.

While the Republican primary is still a long way off, the RNC debates are important events for candidates and give them opportunities to showcase their strengths.

American voters will be watching the debate closely as they are excited at the prospect of being able to vote out Joe Biden for a stronger president.

Voters will be able to see some of the top Republican candidates side by side and hear them address important issues that will shape voters’ opinions.

While many voters are disappointed at the lack of Asa Hutchinson’s presence at the second debate, there will still be opportunity for him to re-enter the race.

However, even though he has many supporters, the RNC is looking for stronger candidate who will easily beat Biden.

Donald Trump will not appear at the second debate even though he remains the strongest candidate, but there is hope that as the field continues to narrow, he will make an appearance at the debates.

American voters are eager for the 2024 election as they know it will be an opportunity to vote out Sleepy Joe and vote in a strong president who will make America great.

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