Top Leftist makes a brutal admission about Biden’s post-debate performance

Donna Brazile

Joe Biden struggled mightily during the first presidential debate. He couldn’t have done worse if he tried.

And a top Leftist has made a brutal admission about Biden’s post-debate performance.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump squared off in the first presidential debate on CNN last Thursday.

From the very start, Biden seemed lost on stage and had a hard time getting a coherent sentence out of his mouth.

Because of his poor performance, Democrats across the nation are in panic mode and are wondering if he’s the right person to be the Party’s nominee for president.

But one Leftist is pumping the brakes on those panicked thoughts.

Democratic strategist Donna Brazile has acknowledged that the Democratic Party faces significant challenges following President Joe Biden’s recent debate performance. Despite this, she remains confident that Biden will be the party’s presidential nominee.

Brazile’s remarks came in response to a post on X (formerly Twitter) by CNN political commentator Bakari Sellers, who defended Biden against the wave of criticism. Sellers emphasized that Biden’s position is secure and urged detractors to move on.

“Biden ain’t going nowhere,” Sellers wrote. “It’s June. Let go of your pearls and dry your bed. He lost a debate. Bad. But it’s June. You’re not replacing him. So leave your random combinations in your chats.”

Sellers further noted that prominent Democrats like Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer and California Governor Gavin Newsom would not be nominated over Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Stop it. Organize. Vote,” Sellers added. “We are winning every swing state senate race and gubernatorial race (NC). Relax. Choice is Trump, Biden, or couch. I choose Joe.”

Echoing Sellers, Brazile responded, “Say it. We got work to do. Biden will be our nominee.”

Biden’s debate performance against former President Donald Trump was widely criticized, with many suggesting the need for a new nominee.

Critics like Edward Luce, associate editor of the Financial Times, argued, “Democrats need a new nominee,” while Kate Bedingfield, Biden’s former communications director, described the performance as “disappointing.”

Former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang also weighed in, noting that Biden seemed different from the person he debated in 2020.

During the debate, Biden appeared to freeze at times, spoke with a hoarse voice, and mumbled. He struggled to deliver his closing statement without making errors.

An NBC News poll from February highlighted widespread concerns about Biden’s ability to serve a second term. According to the poll, 89 percent of Americans have doubts about his mental and physical health. Specifically, 62 percent of registered voters expressed “major concerns,” 14 percent had “moderate” concerns, and 13 percent had “minor concerns” about Biden’s capacity to continue as president.

As the Democratic Party grapples with these challenges, Brazile’s assertion underscores a commitment to rally behind Biden, emphasizing the need for unity and preparation for the upcoming election.

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