Trump campaign caught up in a brutal attack that has the GOP in panic mode

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There’s no shortage of foul play in politics these days. That’s especially true in a major election year.

And the Trump campaign was caught up in a brutal attack that has the GOP panicking.

Gone are the days in politics when candidates could run a clean race against each other.

Now, politically motivated assaults, both physical and non-physical, are infiltrating our nation’s political races.

It almost seems impossible to disagree with someone without claiming them as your sworn enemy. That mindset is especially true for those on the Left where tolerance of different ideas is an extinct concept.

But one Donald Trump campaign volunteer learned this concept the hard way after she was assaulted in Alabama in what was described as an alleged “politically motivated attack.”

Tara Johnson, the Trump volunteer who the Alabama Republican Party says is a “dedicated Republican volunteer,” was assaulted by the Limestone County, Alabama GOP Trump HQ this past weekend.

Jeannie Negrón Burniston, the communications director for the Alabama Republican Party, said that Johnson is the lead volunteer even though she suffers from health issues that cause her to have trouble with her mobility.

The assault on Tara Johnson happened in her vehicle, according to Burniston who also said that the attacker “grabbed Johnson by the hair and repeatedly punched her in the face and slammed her head against the door of her truck.”

“The attack on Tara Johnson is a disgraceful act of violence that has no place in our society,” John Wahl, the chairman of the Alabama Republican Party stated.

“Having served alongside Tara on the Limestone County Executive Committee for many years, this is very personal to me. Tara is not just a volunteer; she is a kind and generous person who is always willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.”

“We are heartbroken and outraged by this senseless act of violence against her.”

Wahl also added that the Athens Police Department in Alabama is investigating the attack on Johnson.

“Violence has no place in our political discourse, and those responsible should be held accountable for their actions. In times of political adversity, it is important that we come together and reaffirm our commitment to civility, respect, and peaceful political engagement,” Wahl continued.

He also called on the Democrat Party and the media to stop with their “inflammatory rhetoric” which causes people to lash out and assault people who support former President Donald Trump.

“The relentless demonization and vilification of political opponents only serves to sow division and discord within our society. We can and should do better,” Wahl added.

And he’s right. No matter what someone’s political ideology is, violence should never be a response towards them.

There are definitely people on both sides of the political aisle who are guilty of going to the extreme to counter those they disagree with.

But also Democrats have had a bad habit ever since Trump was elected back in 2016 of trying to incite violence.

Just look at what Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said about Trump’s cabinet back in 2018:

Political violence is never the answer and never will be, even if the Left tries to make it seem acceptable because of the way they exaggerate how “dangerous” the Right is.

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