Donald Trump receives an assassination threat that has the Secret Service on red alert

Keith Olbermann

The former president has accumulated many enemies over the years. But this enemy took things a step too far.

And Donald received an assassination threat that has the Secret Service on red alert.

Leftists are growing more and more worried about the idea of Donald Trump being reelected as president.

Some are are lobbing ridiculous accusations and attacks his way to try and stop his momentum in the polls.

But one Leftist in particular took things way too far when he went to disparage the former president.

On Saturday, the Biden-Harris HQ account on X posted a video of Trump at a rally in Ohio with the caption, “Trump says he has been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated.”

Keith Olbermann, a political commentator and radical Leftist, took the opportunity to respond to the X post, saying, “There’s always hope.”

Olbermann’s post was removed for violating X’s rules.

But that didn’t stop people from having the chance to see it and rightfully criticize it.

“Seek help,” one user replied to the post.

“Cry more….! Trump 2024,” another said.

“You do realize that calling for the assassination of political opposition would make you the bad guys… right?” one user quipped.

Olbermann is clearly unhinged but imagine if a Republican commentator had said the same thing about Biden.

They would be ridiculed by the media for weeks, months, and probably years.

Keith Olbermann doubled-down on his post that was removed, saying in another post on X that “The [retweet] clearly shows I’m hoping Trump’s right, that he IS treated worse than Lincoln. As I’ve said for 9 years: THAT HE’S CONVICTED, THEN DIES IN PRISON.”

This is the typical radicalism from the Left that we’ve come to expect.

They’re fine with wishing for the absolute worst for their political opponents or anyone they don’t agree with.

And it’s about time everyone wakes up to their hateful tactics.

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