Tucker Carlson taking Fox News head-on with this jaw-dropping announcement

tucker carlson

Tucker Carlson may not be at Fox News anymore, but he’s not slowed down one bit. He’s got major plans in the work.

And now Tucker Carlson is taking Fox News head-on with this jaw-dropping announcement.

It’s possible that TuckerWorld will soon be available on your television, mobile device, and computer.

It was reported on Friday by the Wall Street Journal that former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson is planning to launch a new media firm based on his current Twitter broadcasts.

According to the story, “people familiar with the matter” said that funding is currently being secured to further develop the concept.

Reportedly, Carlson will be working with Neil Patel, who co-founded The Daily Caller with him.

According to the story, the company’s founding team now includes financiers, lawyers, and media strategists as they work to raise the necessary millions of dollars to bring the idea to fruition.

The report also claims that Twitter’s crew has been involved as well.

Twitter’s CEO Linda Yaccarino likewise recently met with Carlson’s producer Justin Wells.

According to the story, executives from Twitter have discussed with the former Fox News presenter ways in which Twitter content, like videos, may be viewed on TV.

YouTube’s propensity for silencing conservatives was used to paint a picture of Carlson’s skepticism of the site as a potential home for his project.

The rumor claimed the company will provide a combination of free and paid material, with the former being comparable to Carlson’s Twitter episodes but longer and more in-depth.

Reports indicate that Carlson would be just one of many hosts contributing material the platform.

According to the source, plans include exploring the prospect of “having a set of big brands sponsor Carlson’s show.”

The source stated that from Twitter’s standpoint, the transaction “would expand the relationship between the platform and one of its highest-profile video creators, and serve as a test case for the social media network’s video ambitions under Elon Musk.”

Musk has stated his desire for the platform to attract left-leaning content providers alongside conservatives like Carlson.

The media initiative, it seems, would include not just a Twitter account but also a website and a mobile app.

According to the article, both Patel and Carlson attended Trinity College in Connecticut and eventually worked together to start the conservative news outlet The Daily Caller, which Patel currently oversees as its editor in chief.

Fox News fired Carlson in April over his Twitter business, but he is still officially under contract with the network.

Carlson’s lawyers have said he has no plans to stop posting videos to Twitter.

The Federalist Wire will keep you updated on any updates to a new potential media company founded by Tucker Carlson and his team.