Tyrant Joe Biden has lost his mind with this latest disgusting move

Joe Biden

President Biden isn’t even hiding it anymore. He’s embraced being a dictator.

But the tyrannical Joe Biden has lost his mind with this latest disgusting move.

Anyone who isn’t ignorant can see that Joe Biden has been using the weight of the federal government against his political opponents.

That includes everyone in high places like Donald Trump, as well as the regular Joe Schmoe who is a conservative and rejects the Democrats’ radicalism.

The idea that Joe Biden was going to be a “moderate” Democrat in the White House was a lie all along, and many saw it coming.

Joe Biden and his administration have used the DOJ in particular to attack everyone. Pro-life Americans in particular have been under intense attack from the Biden administration lately.

President Biden’s Democrat lackeys are doubling down on their gross attacks on pro-lifers as well.

Just recently, the Department of Justice under Joe Biden’s direction announced that they would be charging eight pro-lifers for protesting outside of an abortion clinic all the way back in 2020 in the state of Michigan.

They are being indicted by the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act (FACE) for allegedly “engaging in a civil rights conspiracy” and violating the FACE act by apparently not allowing individuals into the Michigan abortion facility.

Those found to be convicted by violations of the FACE Act are subject to up to 11 years in prison with fines that go all the way up to $350,000.

Kristen Clarke, the Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ, will be leading their Office of Civil Rights in the charging of these eight pro-lifers for protesting outside of the Michigan abortion facility.

Kristen Clarke was appointed by Joe Biden in May of 2021 and is as radical as they come.

Clarke once claimed that black people were physically and mentally superior to white people because of the higher presence of melanin in black people.

She said of melanin that it was “that same chemical which gives Blacks their superior physical and mental abilities.”

This is who we have leading the prosecution of charges brought against pro-lifers in Michigan.

Could she be any more biased? She is obviously an extreme Leftist who is also racist and doesn’t care about truth and morality.

The real crime that the pro-lifers in Michigan are guilty of is trying to save babies from the claws of disgraceful abortionists.

The Left doesn’t want anyone to provide any alternative to abortion whatsoever. They literally started a campaign of “shout your abortion” to encourage women to feel better about getting abortions.

On top of that, pro-lifers who work are Crisis Pregnancy Centers all across the country are regularly violently attacked by radical Leftists and yet nothing is done about it at all.

We’ve seen dozens of CPCs vandalized and destroyed by radical pro-abortion Leftists but the DOJ isn’t targeting them now, are they?

This is yet another gross example of Joe Biden’s obvious political targeting of conservatives who dare contradict the Left’s agenda.

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