U.S. Congressman goes off script to completely eviscerate moronic TV host

joy reid

The mainstream media has lost almost all of their credibility in recent years. They label anyone who doesn’t agree with them as an enemy.

And a U.S. Congressman goes off script to completely eviscerate moronic TV host.

Donald Trump held a historical rally in the New York City borough of the Bronx last week which drew in thousands of supporters in a heavily blue area of the Empire State.

There were also plenty of notable attendees of the rally, one of which was Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL).

But MSNBC’s Joy Reid wasn’t pleased when she saw Donalds there and decided to attack him during her program on the network on Friday night.

She referred to Donalds, a black man, as “the one black guy that Republicans love to roll out as fake proof that black people, the blacks, are MAGA.”

Reid also added that “It’s a joke, just as credible as when they said they were gonna make that guy speaker of the House.”

Donalds was of course offended by Reid’s ridiculous comments and blasted her while appearing on Fox News for an interview.

He referred to her insults as “nothing more than crabs in a barrel” when speaking with Fox News’ Shannon Bream.

“Just because I have a different viewpoint, different way of looking at the world, different politics, all of a sudden I’m being used?” Donalds said.

“You can make an argument that MSNBC is using her, but I’ma move on.”

Rep. Donalds also pointed to the fact that because of Donald Trump, the GOP is reaching a broader audience than in years past. He specifically used the Bronx rally as an example of this.

“They’ve seen the disaster that is New York City,” Donalds said, making reference to the people who went to the Trump rally in the Bronx.

“They’ve seen the disaster that’s come to the United States of America because of the ‘Master of Disaster’ Joe Biden himself, and they want Donald Trump back.”

He continued to bash Reid for making things about race in her arguments.

Donalds explained that Republicans are “looking to expand the political map, not shrinking it based upon race or anything else.” He also added that the Left wants to “shrink the political map based upon previous dogma and racial lines” and Donald Trump wants to be there for every American.

Joy Reid’s comments are a typical argument by the Democrats.

They want to accuse the Right of not being diverse enough. But when diversity does exist within the Republican Party, Democrats claim that as “fake proof.”

You can watch Byron Donalds’ comments on Fox News below:


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