U.S. Senator EXPOSED for committing unspeakable acts against Americans

Senator Angus King

Politicians aren’t known for being particularly good people. But some go far beyond the pale.

And this U.S. Senator was EXPOSED for committing unspeakable acts against Americans.

Democrats have been crying about the death of free speech ever since Elon Musk took over Twitter.

Americans were told that Musk was a conservative extremist who would shut down Democrat accounts.

But the reality was so much different – Musk uncovered a massive campaign to silence conservative accounts and opinions on the platform.

This scandal implicated government agencies like the FBI, offices of politicians, and other social media titans like Facebook and Instagram.

To date, no one has been held accountable for this censorship scheme, but more and more is being revealed.

And the latest revelations of “the Twitter Files” revealed that Senator Angus King (I-ME) targeted average Americans for bans and censorship for the slightest of disagreement.

For a long time, Twitter users have used the site to share their ideas, opinions, and thoughts. Nonetheless, the government’s role in policing this content has come under attack in recent years. The Twitter Files uncovered a sophisticated system of government involvement in Twitter moderation, with writer Matt Taibbi compiling a collection of thousands of moderation requests.

In recent months, the Twitter Files have exposed a variety of facts concerning the internal workings of the social media site. According to the most recent batch, released over the weekend, government personnel regularly misidentify Americans as fake Russians. The fact that Twitter has granted moderation authority to the “US intelligence community” complicates the role of governments in online content control.

Despite their significance, these disclosures have received little attention in the mainstream media. Taibbi claims that the bigger issue of government leaders seeking the removal of Twitter users has received less attention from news outlets than more sensational cases, such as President Trump’s request that Chrissy Teigen erase a nasty remark.

Sen. Angus King requested that specific Twitter accounts be deleted for a variety of reasons, according to the most recent Twitter Files release.

King branded some accounts on Twitter as “suspicious” owing to variables such as “Rand Paul visit excitement” and being followed by a rival, Eric Brakey.

In another case, State Department swamp monster Mark Lenzi angrily ordered Twitter to erase 14 accounts that stood out for their suspicions about Russiagate, among other things. These requests raise serious concerns about free speech and the rising government bureaucracy of censorship.

When government authorities attempt to block Twitter accounts for questionable reasons, there is an obvious violation of the First Amendment. The deployment of the United States counterterrorism machinery against its own population, with tragic outcomes, is cause for alarm.

According to Taibbi, previously obscure federal entities such as the Global Engagement Center (GEC) are becoming more important in this process.

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