Unearthed video of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi will have you in utter disbelief

Joe Biden

Biden and Pelosi have been caught in this shameful act. It’s enough to make anyone sick.

And this unearthed video of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi will have you in utter disbelief.

President Joe Biden has recently been on a three-day trip to California to fundraise for his reelection efforts.

One of his stops in the Golden State included the city of San Francisco.

Once he arrived to the international airport in the city on Wednesday, he met with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) and San Francisco Mayor London Breed on the tarmac.

Biden, who’s 81, then walked with Pelosi, who’s 83, to the Marine One helicopter.

Along the way, they both held each other’s hands as they slowly made their way to the helicopter.

This caused quite a bit of uproar across social media due to how slow and awkward the two Democrats were in moving across the tarmac.

“Can either one walk,” one user on X (formerly Twitter) said.

“Two old cronies plotting and holding each other up,” another quipped.

“She could have just brought a walker!” another user said.

President Biden’s age and mental fitness have been under heavy scrutiny lately.

And this new footage of Biden and Pelosi will only ramp up the criticisms even further.

That’s also not to mention that this video will make America look incredibly weak in the eyes of its adversaries.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) bashed the Democrats during his podcast last week for trying to prop Biden up like “Weekend at Bernie’s” in order to win the White House again.

“They’re not worried that he lacks the competence to do the job,” Cruz said.

“There’s only one thing they’re worried about – that he would lose.”

The White House has tried their best to attempt to shut down any concerns about Joe Biden’s age and overall frailness. But videos like the one above only silence those attempts.

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