Vice presidential announcement throws the 2024 election into total chaos

robert f kennedy jr

A list of potential running mates are what everyone is talking about now that Donald Trump has clinched the GOP nomination. But this report has everyone stunned.

And a vice presidential announcement throws the 2024 election into total chaos.

It finally happened.

A running mate was picked for this presidential candidate in the 2024 election.

Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is planning on picking Nicole Shanahan, a businesswoman and attorney, as his pick for VP according to a report from Mediaite.

Shanahan is a donor for the Democrats and funded Kennedy’s Super Bowl commercial which had a hefty price tag on it.

According to what sources close to his campaign told Mediaite, both Shanahan and Kennedy “align on numerous issues,” of which include their disapproval of vaccines.

She also has the ability to help bring in money to his campaign, as well as get him to appear on the ballot in every U.S. state.

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers will now not be joining Kennedy as his running mate this fall, ending nationwide speculation that the Super Bowl-winning NFL star would quit football for a potential candidacy as vice president on the Kennedy ticket.

Kennedy’s campaign has yet to confirm whether or not he’s officially chosen Shanahan as his running mate.

“There has been a lot of speculation in the media about Mr. Kennedy’s pick of vice presidential running mate,” the press office of his campaign told the New York Post.

“The official announcement will be on March 26 in Oakland, CA. We hope to see you there.”

Last month, Shanahan told The New York Times that she had given $4 million to American Values 2024, a super PAC, to help fund Kennedy’s Super Bowl commercial.

She also has said that she’s not an “anti-vaxxer” but has agreed with Kennedy’s numerous criticisms of vaccines.

In 2020, Shanahan donated to the Biden campaign and currently identifies as a progressive.

As the top third-party candidate in the 2024 race, Kennedy is hopeful he can meet the requirements to appear on the debate stage with President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump this fall.

Obviously, he and his campaign are hoping that an official vice presidential announcement will help him begin to poll higher so that he can participate in the debates.

Kennedy is also considered a potential threat to the Biden reelection effort because polls show that he would likely take votes away from the president, therefore allowing Trump to potentially win the election

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