Viewers were stunned after Fox News revealed Donald Trump’s decision for his running mate

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Trump’s pick for vice president has been a massive rumor for months now. It was anyone’s guess who it could be.

But viewers were stunned after Fox News revealed Donald Trump’s decision for his running mate.

Former President Donald Trump was part of Fox News’ town hall event on Wednesday, where he was asked a variety of questions.

One of the moderators of the event asked the question that has been burning in everyone’s mind, and that is who Trump’s vice president pick will be.

“I can’t tell you that really, I mean I know who it’s going to be,” Trump said.

The former president has made hints at what would go into his decision process, but this is one of the first times he’s actually noted that he’s made a decision on who his running mate will actually be.

Trump was then asked a follow-up question about resolving relationships with his fellow Republican candidates, to which he answered, “Oh sure, I will.”

He then said, tongue-in-cheek, that he’s beginning to like Chris Christie, who just dropped out of the running for president that same night.

That led moderators to ask if Christie was Trump’s choice for VP.

“I don’t see it. I don’t see it. That would be an upset, Christie for vice president,” Trump responded.

The Trump campaign wasn’t exactly thrilled with the way Donald Trump handled his answer about his vice president.

According to NBC News, a campaign adviser said that “nothing is finalized” regarding who would be on the ticket with the former president.

In the past, Trump has mentioned that he “likes the concept” of having a woman as his VP.

So could he be picking a woman to run alongside him?

Names mentioned have been South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R), and Rep. Elise Stefanik (R).

Nikki Haley’s name has come up, but many strong Trump supporters, including his son Donald Trump Jr., believe she would be an awful choice for a running mate.

It looks like for now Trump is going to continue being tight-lipped on who his choice will be.

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