What China just sent Kevin McCarthy is simply horrific

kevin mccarthy

As the new Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy has a ton of new responsibilities. But he never could have expected this.

Because what China just sent Kevin McCarthy is entirely horrific.

When Nancy Pelosi was the Speaker of the House, one of the biggest criticisms of her handling of the job was the way she simply misunderstood foreign affairs entirely.

A major U.S. official like the Speaker of the House misunderstanding foreign affairs is extremely dangerous as anything can go wrong with just one misstep.

She’s lucky nothing bad happened on her trip as the White House has been fumbling diplomatic discussions with Taiwan and China for months.

But now it’s Kevin McCarthy’s turn to see how he handles the spot as one of America’s most important representatives.

Apparently, he’s been dealt a truly poor hand by the Democrats, though.

In a stunning threat, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Moa Ning said to the press that Kevin McCarthy needs to “abide by the one-China principle.”

Newsmax reports:

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Mao Ning said during a press conference, in response to a question about a potential trip by McCarthy, that “We urge certain individuals in the U.S. to earnestly abide by the one-China principle.”

The one-China principle is the idea that Taiwan is actually under China’s jurisdiction and not a free state.

Of course, that’s not what Republicans or Democrats want whatsoever, so you can imagine it puts McCarthy in a weird situation.

These comments from China’s Foreign Ministry come right after it was reported that he was in the early stages of making a trip to Taiwan.

None of this is McCarthy’s fault either.

These spicy comments from Mao Ning on behalf of China are a product of the failure in diplomacy from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and the rest of the Biden administration.

Not only does China feel emboldened to plant its feet in the ground on the one-China principle, but Taiwan also feels alienated by the Biden administration.

Taiwan has indicated that they don’t feel supported by the United States at this moment and that if China were to invade, they don’t know what the Biden administration would do.

So Biden has managed to embolden our “enemy” of freedom which is China.

And he’s managed to make Taiwan believe that he doesn’t actually support their cause at all.

His admin would do better to literally say nothing at all, at this point.

That way when Republicans like McCarthy are handed the baton, they aren’t given a total mess that’s unfixable.

Stay tuned for more updates on the China-Taiwan affair.