What happened to this Christian student for sharing their faith is downright scary

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Persecution of Christians has been on the rise from the radical Left. But it’s just reached a whole new level.

And what happened to this Christian student for sharing their faith is downright scary.

The radical so-called “progressives” can act like they are indifferent to Christians and their faith, but the evidence says otherwise.

Over the past twenty years, the Left and their allies in Big Media outlets have been waging a war on Christians for simply living out their faith.

Just consider how they call anyone who disagrees with public drag show performances in front of little children “bigots” and prejudiced.

Not only that, but we’ve recently learned that the FBI was intentionally circulating a memo that was designed to target Christian, conservative parents who show up to school board meetings to give the school board council members their opinion about their children’s education.

These Christian parents are being labeled as “domestic terrorists” by those on the Left and apparently now the FBI as well.

Even Christian business owners minding their own business (no pun intended) are being attacked and told that they must bend their knee to the radical Left. In fact, a Christian website maker’s case is currently being heard before the Supreme Court to avoid being forced to build a wedding website for a same-sex couple, which would violate their beliefs.

But sadly, the persecution is not going to slow down. It’s only going to get worse, because the Left has created enemies from within Christian circles.

Recently, a 16-year-old young man dared to stand up for what he believes in as a Christian and objected to a new so-called “trans” bathroom policy at his Catholic school.

However, when he tried to stand up for his beliefs during a debate in the classroom and quoted Scripture to defend the idea that there are only two genders, he was told that he was “bullying” his classmates that identify as “transgender.”

“I quoted some Scripture, I said that there’s only two genders. And apparently, because there’s transgender students in the class, that was considered bullying,” Alexander shared with the media.

Eventually the young man – named Alexander – took the issue to his Catholic school office because he was concerned about the safety of young women in these “transgender” bathrooms.

Sadly, he was ignored entirely.

“I said, ‘Ok, this is an issue. There’s female students that are uncomfortable. Something needs to be done.’ And I was ignored. A female student made the same complaint I did, and they ignored her as well.”

After his legitimate concerns being ignored, he said he was planning to hold a protest outside of his school until his concerns were finally heard. But he never was able to hold his protest of the so-called “transgender” bathroom policies.

That’s because he was suspended two days before he was planning to protest. He didn’t even do anything wrong at all, and yet he was suspended.

“So at that point, I decided to organize a protest outside my school. Two days before the protest, they suspended me indefinitely,” Alexander added.

Alexander was suspended by the Catholic school in November, but recently tried to attend classes after months and was arrested for trespassing.

He is still suspended indefinitely, but is released from the law enforcement.

What’s concerning about this is that it’s a Catholic school that is attacking the faith of the young man.

It’s not very Catholic of this school to persecute a student for sharing the Scripture in class to defend his opinion that there is man and woman from birth, and that’s it.

The Vatican has been quite clear in its defense of the stances that young Alexander is taking in arguing that there is merely man and woman and that you can’t switch genders.

So the Catholic school is out of line in punishing the young man for agreeing with the teaching of the Catholic Church.

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