What Hillary Clinton just told black people to do is causing total chaos

Hillary Clinton

Democrats will do anything to start a clash of races. But now it’s going too far.

Because what Hillary Clinton just told black people to do is causing total chaos.

Recently, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People published a travel “advisory” for the entire state of Florida, arguing that the state is no longer safe for black people.

This is, of course, in response to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rejecting the Critical Race Theory courses for public schools that would’ve taught students about how America is fundamentally a “racist” country.

The travel advisory is truly silly and serves to accomplish nothing except provide moral grandstanding for those within the NAACP, but it’s garnering attention in the Democrat world.

Hillary Clinton has even come out of the woodwork to give her support for the NAACP’s travel advisory.

Clinton’s gone as far as to outright say that “Florida isn’t safe for people of color.”

Of course, this is a load of bull and everyone knows it.

Ron DeSantis didn’t do anything to anyone. He hasn’t passed any laws targeting black people or even LGBTQ+ people.

No, all he’s done is reject public school courses that would’ve taught a false and anti-American history all in the name of Critical Race Theory.

Polls show that a vast majority of Americans do not support the tenets of Critical Race Theory, that America is inherently racist and we have to see everything through the lens of skin color.

Ron DeSantis took an extremely rational stance by rejecting it as the majority of Floridians reject the CRT nonsense as well.

And the comment about Florida being hostile for “multi-billion dollar corporations” is just eye-roll worthy because there’s countless major corporations in Florida.

Leftists just have this weird obsession with Disney and think they should be free of any and all regulation because they have bought into the Left’s woke ideology in recent years.

Leftists drop their socialism and communism at the door if you support their woke ideology, apparently.

The real reason Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are attacking Ron DeSantis is because he’s one of the two individuals with a strong chance to beat Joe Biden in 2024.

They know that Trump and Ron DeSantis are likely way ahead of Joe Biden in the eyes of American voters right now, and they have to do something to demonize Ron DeSantis.

So they’ll make up lies to paint DeSantis as some type of fascist that wants to “control the world.”

But we’re willing to bet that everyone can see through the antics of the radical Democrats.

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