What NBC just said about Trump’s election chances has the Biden campaign sounding the alarm

Kristen Welker nbc

Donald Trump is full steam ahead to try and win a second presidential term this year. His positive momentum is making Joe Biden worried beyond belief.

And what NBC just said about Trump’s election chances has the Biden campaign sounding the alarm.

The mainstream media has long been an enemy of former President Donald Trump.

Their constant bias against him has destroyed their credibility among countless Trump supporters nationwide.

But now they just made one positive revelation about Trump that has left President Joe Biden and his campaign worried about his prospects of winning reelection.

According to an NBC News poll, 47% of voters believe that Donald Trump is “competent” as well as “effective.”

That’s a 21-point increase since 2020.

Biden however does not fair as well, as the poll finds that 36% of voters view him as “competent” and “effective.”

What’s ironic about this poll, is that Biden told voters during his 2020 presidential campaign that he would be more “competent” and “effective” than Donald Trump as president.

“That was President Biden’s [sic] the crux of his campaign pitch back in 2020,” Kristen Welker, an anchor for NBC News said to Steve Kornacki, who also works as an analyst for the network.

“We actually polled this question in 2020,” Kornacki responded.

“And it was basically the exact opposite. It was Biden with about a ten-point advantage over Trump.”

Kornacki also brought up other issues where Trump is leading Biden in the polls, including the issue of mental and physical fitness.

“And again, you got to mention this one too, mental and physical health. We asked this four years ago, it was a wash. It’s now a clear liability for Joe Biden. So these are all troubling numbers for Biden,” Kornacki said.

Are these poll results a surprise to anyone?

Unless you’re a radical Leftist, these figures were pretty expected.

Joe Biden’s job as president thus far has been an all-out disaster.

He can’t get a handle on the crisis at the southern border, inflation has skyrocketed under his watch, and his foreign policy decisions have been awful.

That’s not to mention his declining mental fitness which has caused him to commit a number of gaffes that not only embarrass himself but the United States.

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