What President Biden just said about Hunter’s fate in prison will leave you speechless

Hunter Biden

Hunter Biden is in a world of trouble. This could be the end of the road for the disgraced member of the Biden Crime Family.

And what President Biden just said about Hunter’s fate in prison will leave you speechless.

For the second time in just four months, Hunter Biden has been indicted, this time for charges relating to not paying taxes.

If convicted of this charges, the president’s son could serve up to 17 years in prison.

Joe Biden has said before that he would not pardon his son, and is continuing to stand firm with that decision.

“Nothing has changed,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said to reporters on Air Force One regarding President Biden’s decision to not pardon his son.

“That is still the case.”

The indictment was delivered by special counsel David Weiss last Thursday and includes nine-counts.

Biden and the White House have not spoken much if at all about the situation.

The president did not take any questions from the press before he boarded Air Force One.

Jean-Pierre also told media outlets to refer to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for information regarding Hunter Biden’s indictment.

“The president has said this before and he will continue to say that he loves his son and supports him as he continues to rebuild his life,” Jean-Pierre said to reporters.

“I am going to be really careful and not comment on this and refer you to the Department of Justice or my colleagues at the White House counsel.”

The DOJ however has not made any comment about the indictment, nor has the White House counsel.

One reporter asked Jean-Pierre if the indictment would serve as an emotional toll for the president.

“I’m just not going to comment beyond what I just shared,” Jean-Pierre answered.

Will Joe Biden stay true to his word and not issue a pardon to his disgraced son?

Or will he go back on what he’s said and end up pardoning Hunter if he ends up being convicted?

It’s hard not seeing President Biden bailing his son out of the trouble he’s entangled himself in.

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