White House official humiliates and exposes Biden with one slip of the tongue

Joe Biden

The Biden administration is a dumpster fire. If they can’t get their act together, it’s all over for the ailing president.

And this White House official humiliated and exposed Biden with one slip of the tongue.

White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt was chastised for defending President Joe Biden’s Maui response, claiming that opponents were only upset because Biden was “petting a rescue dog.”

On Wednesday morning, MSNBC host Joe Scarborough cited a Maui newspaper story praising Biden and stating that criticisms over Biden’s widely condemned response to the Maui wildfires were “garbage” coming entirely from right-wing critics.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates quoted Scarborough’s response, saying, “You look at the local newspapers, you look at the local reports, you listen to the local people. These aren’t Democratic operatives. It was the Maui Daily News. Everybody in these newspapers glowing.”

“There’s a rightwing media ecosystem that says everyday whatever @POTUS is doing is wrong or runs bad faith interpretations of events. This week they attacked him for petting a rescue dog and not having the godly power to prevent a storm from entering CA. Look at the source,” LaBolt added.

However, Fox News contributor and The Messenger author Joe Concha was eager to point out the flaws in LaBolt’s judgment.

“A ‘rightwing media ecosystem’ didn’t force the president to repeat a proven lie about a fire in his kitchen threatening the lives of his wife, cat, and corvette. Children and whole families were incinerated in Maui and Biden broached this BS to show that he can relate? Abhorrent,” Concha said.

“800 people, including children, are still missing and the Biden admin’s biggest concern is Republicans noticing Biden compared almost losing a Corvette to over 100 dying in an island inferno,” @capeandcowell added.

“I think the real objections were about Biden taking forever to go to Hawaii, then giving a terrible speech about almost losing his Corvette to a fire that was easily extinguished, and then falling asleep during the memorial. Nobody gives a damn about petting the rescue dog,” @FilmLadd pointed out.

“One of the ways to manipulate the public is focus on stupid objections to your candidate in order to bury the serious problems with your candidate.”

NewsBusters Executive Editor Tim Graham added, “As if ‘Morning Joe’ isn’t part of a media ecosystem that says everyday whatever Trump is doing or runs bad-faith interpretations of events? And please tell us who faulted Biden for not having godly powers. (Or even Ursula the Sea Witch powers.)”

GOP Rapid Response Director Jake Schneider cited a vacationing Biden’s response to reporters who asked him about the rising death toll in Maui, and simply said, “No comment.”

Unfortunately for Biden and his ilk, they’re so out of touch with reality that they have to believe it’s all a rightwing lie that Biden is deeply unpopular for his Maui response among many other things.

But poll after poll shows it, and anyone who talks to normal, everyday Americans would understand that.

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