White House up in flames after Kamala Harris became the subject of a congressional investigation

kamala harris

Harris is one of the most disliked vice presidents of all time. But her disapproval ratings are now the least of her concerns.

And the White House is up in flames after Kamala Harris because the subject of a congressional investigation.

The U.S. House GOP Oversight Committee brought forth an investigation against the Secret Service last Thursday for DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) practices.

The investigation was launched in response to a physical altercation by a Secret Service agent, who was assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris, last month at Joint Base Andrews.

Congressional Republicans aim to look into “potential vulnerabilities” in how the Secret Service uses DEI.

Chairman of the Committee James Comer (R-KY), sent a letter to Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle, saying that House Republicans will be “investigating recent reports of potential vulnerabilities within the US Secret Service preventing it from fulfilling its mission to ensure the safety and security of its protectees.”

The Secret Service agent involved in the altercation, Michelle Herczeg, apparently grabbed her superior’s phone and then shoved, tackled, and punched him.

At the time it was reported that Herczeg was suffering from some sort of medical episode that caused the incident to occur.

“This incident raised concerns within the agency about the hiring and screening process for this agent: specifically whether previous incidents in her work history were overlooked during the hiring process as years of staff shortages had led the agency to lower once stricter standards as part of a diversity, equity and inclusion effort,” Comer’s letter read.

The committee also added that there’s allegedly a “petition circulating inside [Secret Service] that flags concerns about ‘a number of recent Secret Service incidents indicative of inadequate training.'”

June 13 marks the deadline in which a briefing with Director Cheatle will be held on this issue.

Comer has also stated that the committee has “broad authority” to start an investigation on the Secret Service’s DEI practices.

DEI is a destructive ideology that’s extremely harmful when used in hiring situations.

The Left wants to use it to try and prop up those with a minority status who may not actually be the best person qualified for the job.

But when DEI is used in organizations like the Secret Service, it can be very detrimental if someone is only picked because of their race or gender and not their qualifications.

Secret Service agents are tasked with protecting the president and vice president of the United States.

So it should be obvious that an agent is selected based on how well they can protect those members of the executive branch and not based off their minority status.

And Comer and the Oversight Committee are looking into just how much DEI plays a role in who the Secret Service selects to be on the president and vice president’s protective detail.

If it’s found that diversity, equity, and inclusion have a major part in the way the Secret Service operates, then that needs to be stopped immediately.

The United States can’t afford for its commander-in-chief to be potentially harmed because an agent didn’t do their job correctly because they were unqualified and only hired for DEI reasons.

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