joe biden

Democrats are set to destroy this prized national monument

The Left doesn't care much for history. Everything must bow to their woke agenda, even the past. And now Democrats are set to destroy this...
rashida tlaib

Congress is in chaos after one member was caught in a terrorist group

America has enough enemies abroad. The last thing we need is them in the Capitol building. And Congress is in chaos after one member was...
Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar humiliated herself with one picture she can never erase

Omar and her "Squad" comrades are an embarrassment to America. Nothing they do is to help this country. But now Ilhan Omar humiliated herself with...
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton asked a question on CNN that is blowing everyone’s minds

Failed Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is back in the news. She's making her rounds to every outlet. But now Hillary Clinton's asked a question on...
Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz reveals tragic news about President Biden

Politics can be a cutthroat game. But no one wants to see this happen. And Ted Cruz revealed this tragic news about President Biden. The United...

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