Joe Biden was exposed igniting a war with this nation

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President Biden is no expert on foreign affairs. But no one thought he’d go this far.

And Joe Biden was exposed igniting a war with this nation.

With so many scandals on the home front, many Americans have forgotten about Joe Biden’s foreign policy.

For the most part, everyone only remembers his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that left over a dozen U.S. servicemen dead.

But Biden has been agitating in favor of a war with Russia for months, ever since Russia invaded Ukraine in February of last year.

And a bombshell report just exposed the Biden administration for trying to trigger a war with the Russians.

In a well-known training exercise over the summer, Navy divers installed remotely activated explosives on the Nord Stream pipes, according to Seymour Hersh, an investigative journalist who earned a Pulitzer Prize for revealing the hidden My Lai Massacre during the Vietnam War.

According to the story, which was based on the testimony of an unknown person, President Joe Biden saw the pipelines as a way for Russian President Vladimir Putin to weaponize his country’s natural gas supply for his territorial ambitions.

Last year, Biden stated that “there will no longer be a Nord Stream 2” if Russia crossed the Ukrainian border, and he emphasized to a journalist that “we will be able” to bring the system to a stop.

The president first eased sanctions against the Russian-owned firm behind Nord Stream 2, then reimposed them soon before the invasion began.

White House spokesperson Adrienne Watson stated the concept that the United States destroyed the pipelines were “false and complete fiction,” while CIA spokesperson Tammy Thorp said the claim was “completely and utterly false” when contacted for response by Hersh.

Some European authorities believe Russia may have sabotaged its own pipelines, while others accuse the US.

According to Hersh, top national security officials, and military brass had agreed that the US should destroy the Nord Stream pipelines, but had been debating the best way for doing so for months.

The Biden administration eventually turned to Navy divers who had been trained at a Florida school to deploy explosives while doing tasks like clearing debris-filled harbors and demolishing foreign oil rigs.

While the Navy proposed a submarine attack on the pipeline and the Air Force proposed dropping bombs with delayed remote control fuses, CIA officials stressed that the action would have to be completely secret.

“This is not kiddie stuff,” the source told Hersh, noting that the attack would constitute “an act of war” if traced to the United States.

Following the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines last year, Secretary of State Antony Blinken described the event as a “tremendous opportunity” to eliminate Europe’s dependency on the Russian energy supply.

Despite the fact that the pipes were not pumping natural gas, demonstrators in Germany were screaming for the energy flow to restart as electricity rates more than doubled.

And because the pipelines were shut down, Germany was unable to relax sanctions in time to import natural gas for the winter.

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