The liberal media’s new plan to attack Trump has just been discovered

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The radical Left has a stranglehold on mainstream media outlets. Their bias can’t be avoided in news coverage around the country.

And the liberal media’s new plan to attack Trump has just been discovered.

The Leftist media is getting desperate as former President Donald Trump is gaining momentum.

Trump will likely cruise to victory in the Republican primary and win the party’s nomination for president.

He’s also polling very well in a hypothetical matchup with President Joe Biden in the general election.

That has the media on edge.

So now they’re going after his policy record when he was president.

According to the Media Research Center (MRC), Trump is now receiving 89% negative news coverage from TV media outlets.

Those outlets include, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, and MSNBC.

Instead of discussing Trump’s personality and legal issues, these outlets are now shifting to bashing his policy achievements during his first term as president.

“During the last four weeks, nearly one-fourth (24%) of the networks’ GOP campaign coverage has been about substantive policy issues,” MRC’s Rich Noyes detailed.

“That’s a big shift from 2023, when only a mere 8.6% of the networks’ campaign news discussed policy issues – and much of that was about the other candidates, not Trump.”

This comes at a time when the general public views Joe Biden and his policies in a negative light.

Specifically, immigration and the economy are issues that Americans feel like Biden has done a very poor job at handling.

But in light of that, Biden and his Democrat pals in the media have tried to blame Trump and Republicans for his recent failures on these issues.

“ABC anchor David Muir, for example, on Feb. 6 framed Trump as being opposed to what he characterized as a ‘solution’ to the multi-decade-long illegal immigration problem, telling viewers Republicans were under ‘pressure from Donald Trump not to support the first bipartisan solution in years,'” Noyes said.

“Earlier, on January 29, ABC’s Mary Bruce had similarly cast Trump as a saboteur, claiming ‘Republicans are exasperated that Trump is trying to derail his party’s top priority.”

Does any of the MRC’s report on the media coverage of Trump surprise anyone?

The Left will stop at nothing to tear down the former president, and they’ll use the media as a vehicle to do so.

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