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george soros

What George Soros just did to Donald Trump is shameless

The shadowy Leftist cabal Soros has funded for decades is making its move. Trump's indictment is just one of a long line of disgusting...
jamaal bowman

Black Democrat goes PSYCHO on fellow colleagues: VIDEO

Politics has a way of getting people angry. But sometimes it goes way too far. And this Black Democrat just went PSYCHO on his fellow...
nancy pelosi

Nancy Pelosi could lose her job after what she just did to Donald Trump

Politicians are supposed to faithfully adhere to the Constitution and laws. But former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has had it out for Trump since...
donald trump

Here’s Donald Trump’s secret weapon against the Manhattan indictments

Donald Trump isn't one to keel over when met with opposition. He will fight to the end. And here's the secret weapon Donald Trump will...
joe manchin

Joe Manchin levels stunning accusation against Joe Biden

Democrat Joe Manchin has been a thorn in the side of his party for years now. He's taking them all down with him. And Joe...
tennessee capitol

Major State Capitol on lock down after violent attack

Police are doing everything they can to get the situation under control. But it's an uphill battle. Because this major State Capitol is on lock...
Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino calls Democrats one word that set the internet on fire

Former Secret Service agent, now radio host Dan Bongino will always speak his mind. He doesn't care who doesn't like it. And Dan Bongino called...
ted cruz

Ted Cruz just EXPOSED horrific government acts against children

Senator Cruz is tired of playing games with the Left. They've crossed a line, and he's letting them have it. And Ted Cruz just EXPOSED...
hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton just proved how truly moronic she is with one tweet

Everyone just wants Hillary Clinton to go away already. Her ego won't let that happen. But Hillary Clinton just proved how truly dense she is...
joe biden

What the Biden regime wants to do to children is simply disgusting

There's a fine line no one should ever cross. Biden and the Democrats just crossed it. Because what the Biden regime wants to do to...

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