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Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan fell ill when he found out about this huge FBI scandal

Americans have lost their trust in the FBI. And it's only getting worse. Because what Jim Jordan just found out about the FBI made him...
Miami Archbishop Thomas Wenski

US Catholic Bishops slap Joe Biden with devastating attack

Joe Biden likes to pretend he's a "faithful" Catholic. The leaders of the Church aren't letting him get away with it anymore. And US Catholic...
Jill Biden

Jill Biden took over for the President for these critical meetings

Everyone knows Joe Biden's health is a growing problem. Even Jill Biden is having to step in for Joe. Because Jill Biden has taken over...
Joe Biden

Border Patrol humiliates Biden by exposing this one terrible truth

The last thing Joe Biden and the Democrats needs is more bad press. With only one year to the election, it could sink their...
Joe Biden

Joe Biden just violated this federal law without a second thought

Biden's crimes are getting more public with each passing day. He doesn't care who see it anymore. And Joe Biden just violated this federal law...
Joe Biden

House Republicans handcuffed President Biden with a major new bill

Republicans in the U.S. House have been on Biden's case for months. Now they are taking serious action. Because House Republicans have handcuffed President Biden...
Jim Jordan

Jim Jordan makes a huge confession about Donald Trump

House Republican Jim Jordan is unafraid to speak his mind. He might be making a huge mistake though. Because Jim Jordan just made a huge...
greg abbott

Joe Biden is stewing in rage over what Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has had it with Joe Biden's games. He's taking Biden head on. And now Joe Biden is stewing in rage over...
Supreme Court

Huge Supreme Court ruling changes elections in the most insane way

The issue of election integrity has been a major topic in the last few years. And now the U.S. Supreme Court has weighed in. Because...
gavin newsom

Top Democrat receives life-changing news at the worst time possible

Life changes in an instant when you're in politics. Sometimes it hits you in the teeth. And this top Democrat received life-changing news at the...


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