Joe Biden caught lying through his teeth during a heated exchange with a reporter

Joe Biden

Biden, like many corrupt politicians, is a professional liar. It’s a skill that he’s gotten very good at.

And Joe Biden was caught lying through his teeth during a heated exchange with a reporter.

President Joe Biden has come to a crucial point in his first term in office where he needs to defend his record.

That defense will be rather difficult for the commander-in-chief whose presidency has been filled with more failures than accomplishments.

Rising inflation, an overall poor economy, high gas prices, a wide open southern border, and a plethora of foreign policy disasters are just a few of the failures of the Biden administration.

But during a recent interview with TIME magazine, Biden claimed that he’s been one of the most accomplished presidents ever during his first term.

He also dismissed the idea that he’s too old to serve another term in office when asked by a reporter for TIME if he’d be able to fulfill the duties of president as a man in his eighties.

“The last two years of Presidents, two-term President’s tenure are usually focused on foreign affairs. You are 81 years old, and would be 86 by the time you left office,” the reporter began.

“Large majorities of Americans, including in the Democratic Party, tell pollsters they think you are too old to lead. Could you really do this job as an 85-year-old man?”

“I can do it better than anybody you know. You’re looking at me, I can take you too,” Biden snapped back.

The TIME magazine reporter then asked what the president would say to those who are “worried” about his age.

Biden responded by saying, “Watch me. Look, name a president that’s gotten as much done as I’ve gotten done in my first three and a half years.”

Most Americans would be able to name quite a few presidents who’ve done more in their first term than what Biden has done.

In fact, the president should’ve said something along the lines of “name a president that’s done more damage to the country than I have in my first three and a half years” instead.

But despite Joe Biden snapping at TIME magazine for their questioning of his age and ability to do the job, he would be disturbed to learn that 47% of people believe that he is “getting worse” as commander-in-chief according to an April Harvard-Harris poll.

In February, an “Economist”/YouGov poll came out that showed 54% of people feel as though Biden’s age and physical fitness would “severely limit his ability” to perform as president.

During that same month, Biden also lashed out at a reporter for bringing up the fact that voters are worried about how old he is.

The president told the reporter that he’s “the most qualified person in this country to be president of the United States and finish the job” which he began.

It looks like either Joe Biden is completely delusional or lying to himself to make him feel better about how worried Americans are about his physical and mental fitness.

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