Leaked document from the White House shows just how bad Biden’s health is

White House

Joe Biden’s fitness to serve as commander-in-chief has been called into question for years now. But it’s finally reached a boiling point.

As a leaked document from the White House shows just how bad Biden’s health really is.

The June 27 presidential debate between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump was a disaster for Biden and the Democrats.

Biden looked frail, weak, and confused during his time on the debate stage.

His poor performance has enhanced worries that he’s too old to serve as president.

But now a new report involving White House documents will only add fuel to the fire regarding these concerns.

Detailed Instructions for Biden’s Movements at Events Spark Debate

White House staffers have reportedly created a comprehensive document to guide President Joe Biden’s movements during events, including detailed instructions for him to “walk” to the podium. This revelation, obtained by Axios, provides a glimpse into the meticulous preparation behind presidential appearances.

The five-page document, which Axios accessed, includes a “large picture of the event space” spread across different pages. These pages feature prominent text such as “View from podium” and “View from audience.” Additionally, the document contains images annotated with “Walk to podium,” providing step-by-step visual guidance for the president.

An individual who staffed an event for the president over the past year and a half shared insights with Axios, stating that even a “simple fundraiser at a private residence” was approached with the same rigor as a “NATO summit.” This person was struck by the level of detail and preparation involved in the president’s movements, remarking on the extraordinary measures taken for seemingly straightforward events.

According to Axios, the White House routinely sends event staffers a detailed document to emulate when preparing their materials for the president. This practice ensures consistency and precision in handling presidential logistics.

An unnamed staffer expressed surprise that a “seasoned political pro like the president” required such detailed instructions on entering and exiting a room. In response, a White House official explained that this reaction is common among those unfamiliar with the workings of advance teams. These teams are responsible for the logistics and operations of high-level events, a role that Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service describes as “intensive and detail-focused.”

White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates emphasized that the precision involved in advance work is consistent regardless of who the current president is. He noted that this level of detail is a standard practice in managing presidential events.

Reactions on social media were mixed. Some people, including Rep. Max Miller (R-OH), who served as Director of Advance for President Trump, claimed that such detailed instructions were unnecessary in the past.

“When I was Director of Advance we never had to do that for President Trump,” Miller posted on X, adding, “Yikes.”

Others, like Matt Mackowiak, a Republican operative, and the Chairman of the Travis County Republican Party, argued that diagrams of presidential movements are a common aspect of advance work.

“Diagrams of presidential movements are common in WH Advance,” Mackowiak wrote. “I prepared them myself in 2005.”

The debate has intensified in light of recent discussions about President Biden’s ability to serve another term.

Since the presidential debate on June 27 between Biden and former President Donald Trump, some Democrats, donors, and voters have expressed concerns and called for Biden to be replaced. Despite these growing calls, Biden and his campaign remain steadfast in their commitment to continue his presidential bid.

Radio talk show host Pete Mundo suggested that the media is aiming to embarrass Biden to force him out of the race.

“The media is going for its ‘k*ll shot’ this week,” Mundo wrote. “Because Jill won’t make Joe step down, they’re going to just try to embarrass this guy so badly, like the article below. It’s going to be a historic week to follow!”

As the debate continues, the White House maintains that the detailed preparations are a standard part of ensuring the president’s successful and safe participation in events.

But anyone with a normal functioning brain realizes that Biden needs these preparations because he can’t function mentally and physically without them.

That should tell you all you need to know about the 81-year-old’s fitness to serve as commander-in-chief.

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