The Biden administration is putting America at risk with this shocking war proclamation

Janet Yellen

The last thing Americans want is another war. But Joe Biden couldn’t care less.

And the Biden administration is putting America at risk with this shocking war proclamation.

After the attacks on Israel from the Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas, there has been debate over how much the United States should get involved with the foreign conflict.

Already, the U.S. has sent over billions of dollars in taxpayer funds to Ukraine to assist them with their war with Russia.

And while what Hamas did to Israel is evil, there’s no doubt the majority of Americans don’t want to get involved in another war.

Joe Biden’s administration believes otherwise.

In an interview with Sky News, the U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen told the interviewer that America could afford another war.

“This is the most threatening and challenging geopolitical environment that I have ever seen, and at the same time the US is in its weakest fiscal position since World War II with debt to GDP at 122 percent,” said Wilfred Frost, the Sky News interviewer.

“Can America – can the West afford another war at this time?” Frost asked.

“I think the answer is absolutely,” Yellen responded.

“America can certainly afford to stand with Israel and to support Israel’s military needs, and we also can and must support Ukraine in its struggle against Russia.”

Yellen also went on to boast that the economy in the U.S. is “doing extremely well.”

Like the 80-year-old Biden, Janet Yellen must be very confused as the economy is in a bad spot due to soaring inflation.

Yellen also defended the United State’s involvement with Ukraine, saying “This is not charity for Ukraine. It’s in our interest, it’s in Europe’s interest. This is something that we can afford to do.”

The Treasury Secretary should consider the potential loss of life and the emotional and physical damages that would occur from war.

Maybe then she would consider if the U.S. could afford that instead of just being able to afford the war from an economic stance, which is certainly debatable.

Democrats during the Biden presidency has proven that they can be war hawks.

And Janet Yellen’s latest remarks on Sky News are just another example of that.

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