This Leftist infiltration of the Catholic Church has Joe Biden jumping for joy

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Democrat politicians like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi like to spout how “devout” they are in their Catholic faith. Now they’re pushing their radical politics in the Church itself.

And this Leftist infiltration of the Catholic Church has Joe Biden jumping for joy.

Although the Catholic Church teaches firmly against some of the Left’s most cherished schemes, like abortion-on-demand, it doesn’t stop supposedly Catholic Democrats from using the Church as a springboard for their agenda.

They’ll extol the Christian practice of welcoming the stranger as justification for ripping down America’s borders and allowing millions of illegal immigrants to bring drugs and crime to this nation.

It’s now “sinful” to restrict abortion, according to self-proclaimed Catholic Nancy Pelosi.

All this shows Americans is that Democrats are willing to reject every belief that doesn’t coincide with their radical plan for this country – Leftism is their religion.

And now a group of Leftists just infiltrated the Vatican-led “Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.”

A week meant to bring Christians together around the world took a hard left turn into American politics when a group of Minnesota clergy with ties to Black Lives Matter told the group to “confront oppression” by bringing up the riot at the Capitol on January 6 and the death of George Floyd.

“The Week of Prayer is the perfect time for Christians to recognize that the divisions between our churches and confessions cannot be separated from the divisions within the wider human family,” stated an introductory document prepared in part by members of the Minnesota Council of Churches who described themselves as “leaders, activists and/or pastors.” The document called on attendees to “confront oppression and division amongst humanity.”

The Minnesota group, which included former Minneapolis NAACP President Leslie Redmond, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis-linked preacher DeWayne Davis, and activist Jia Starr Brown, stated sessions spent creating the paper “moved through the attack on the United States Capitol, the trial of former officer Derek Chauvin, and the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder.”

“When Covid-19 shut down the world in March 2020,” they wrote, “the murder of a young African American man, George Floyd, at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin drew people from all over the world out onto the streets in unity and righteous anger, to protest the injustice they witnessed on their television screens.”

According to James Lindsay, founder and president of New Discourses and author of “Race Marxism: The Truth About Critical Race Theory and Praxis,” the Minnesota group looked to be pushing a Marxist political agenda by invoking the concept of Christian unity.

“This builds the narrative and makes way for the demand: Unity, so long as it’s unity in agreement under their cultic interpretation of history,” said Lindsay, who studied the document. “Unity, so long as it’s under their cultic interpretation of society. Unity, within the church—not under God, but according to consenting to this narrow, damaging, and ultimately cultic misinterpretation of the world.”

Lindsay referenced the World Council of Churches (WCC), which he described as “one of the main centers of religious manipulation and destruction.”

The WCC “is a huge Marxist front operating under the banner of ecumenicism but is, in fact, designed to water down different faiths and blend them in the fashion we’re discussing,” Lindsay said. “The overall objective is to break down the specific faiths so they’re essentially too weak to be distinguishable and then bind them back together under initiatives like equity, inclusion, and sustainability (that is, make them Woke).”

With race being one of the Left’s favorite cards to pull in political discourse, it’s no surprise they’re trying to infect even a week meant for unity with their divisive politics.

Pope Francis has repeatedly spoken out against Marxism infecting the Church, saying “there have been attempts of ideologization, such as the use of Marxist concepts in the analysis of reality by liberation theology. That was an ideological exploitation” back in July of 2022.

But he’s yet to come down firmly against the ideology like his predecessors had in the decades before.

Less than a hundred years ago, in his encyclical Divini Redemptoris, Pope Pius XI said the ideas of Karl Marx “strips man of his liberty, robs human personality of all its dignity, and removes all the moral restraints that check the eruptions of blind impulse.”

Maybe one day the current pontiff will wake up to the reality, do the same, and send Leftist Catholics like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden running for the hills.

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