Tucker Carlson gets the last laugh in his war against Fox News

Tucker Carlson

Cable news giant Fox News thought they could ruin Tucker Carlson forever by firing. But they’ve got another thing coming.

Because Tucker Carlson just got the last laugh in his war against Fox News.

Fox News has been struggling for the past few years, no doubt. Their handling of the 2020 election cycle was about as bad as it could’ve been.

They called races too early, they gave mixed messaging, and ultimately got themselves in a world of trouble.

The network was dragged into court by Dominion Voting Systems and Fox News was eventually forced to settle for $787.5 million with Dominion to keep from going to trial with Dominion.

Fox News knew they had messed up. But more damaging than that settlement has been their cable metrics.

The major cable news network started to more rapidly lose viewership after the 2020 election cycle as their conservative base simply didn’t trust them anymore.

Fast forward to April of 2023, and Tucker Carlson is hit with a surprising firing, sending shockwaves throughout the media world.

Tucker Carlson is one of the biggest names in all of media. Firing him is no small move.

Some speculated that the firing was making Carlson a scapegoat for the network’s woes in recent months and years. Others say Fox News is trying to embrace a more “centrist” personality.

Regardless of what it was, it was massive. Tucker Carlson is now on his own and has been producing a show on Twitter that has proven to be massively popular.

This of course has Fox News furious. They’ve threatened Tucker Carlson with legal attacks if he doesn’t take down his Twitter show episodes immediately and cease production.

But, truth be told, Fox News has other problems to deal with rather than trying to make Tucker Carlson “pay” for daring to take his talents somewhere else after being fired.

According to new financial reports, Fox News is in for a serious beating as their viewership has taken a drastic turn for the worse since Tucker Carlson’s leaving.

This has forced the hands of big banks to reconsider the valuation of Fox News’ stock prices and adjust them down by more than 10%.

Newsmax reports:

Wells Fargo analysts downgraded shares of Fox Corporation (NASDAQ:FOXA) to underweight from equal weight on Monday, lowering the price target to $31 from $35 per share.

According to Investing.com, Fox News’ viewership is down about 20% in the period of January to June of this year compared to January to June of 2021.

Even worse than that is the fact that their primetime viewership has completely fallen off after Tucker Carlson’s departure, with some reports indicating they’ve bled more than 25% of their primetime viewership in six months.

And obviously, with such a drop in primetime viewership comes a drop in revenue.

Tucker Carlson, on the other hand, is enjoying unprecedented success with his Twitter show episodes that he’s been releasing. His first episode alone reached more than 120 million people.

If you ask us, Fox News did Tucker Carlson a favor.

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