A top Republican just launched an attack on this Democrat-run state

ron desantis

Blue states are experiencing setbacks like no other. And this latest incident just adds to their troubles.

That’s because a top Republican just launched an attack on this Democrat-run state.

Leftist states across the country are experiencing large spikes in crime.

And liberals are notorious for being soft on crime and refusing to lay down the hammer on dangerous criminals.

One of these states is Illinois, where the city of Chicago is often described as a war zone with the amount of shootings that happen there every week.

And predictably, the police officers in the city face a tough job and are undervalued.

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has announced that he’s going to put up billboards in Chicago to try and recruit these officers to come work in Florida.

“We are launching law enforcement recruitment billboards in Chicago, where crime rates are soaring and officers are unappreciated,” DeSantis said in a social media post.

“While dozens of Illinois officers have already relocated to Florida, we look forward to welcoming many more with open arms and a $5,000 bonus.”

DeSantis also included a picture of the billboard in his post, which says, “Citizenship matters. Law enforcement matters. Make the Smart Move to Florida! $5,000 bonus for new officer recruits.”

The DeSantis administration also harped on the poor working conditions for police officers in Illinois, citing the elimination of the cash bail system that’s allowed criminals to run rampant across the state.

“Florida strongly supports law enforcement and has consistently enacted commonsense criminal justice policies to keep our communities safe,” Governor DeSantis said in his continued recruiting pitch.

“We stand behind our citizen officers, and we give them the tools to succeed professionally and personally. Other states deputize non-citizens, enact policies that favor criminals over victims, and work to overtly or covertly defund the police, but not in Florida.”

Illinois currently has a law that allows foreign nationals to become members of law enforcement.

DeSantis ensures that only citizens of the United States can become a police officer in Florida.

The Left’s “defund the police” mindset has gotten them in a bind in the past over officers quitting and crime rising.

Governor DeSantis intends to continue to make these radical leftists pay for their anti-cop attitude.

And these billboards are yet another example of how Democrat-run-states are continuing to take defeat after defeat.

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