All hell broke loose when Tucker Carlson was tipped off about Antifa’s next move

tucker carlson

Antifa savagery has been running rampant in America’s Leftist cities. It’s going to get worse.

Because all hell broke loose when Tucker Carlson was tipped off about what Antifa’s next move is.

Antifa’s history is closely connected to radical so-called “progressive” politics that goes back nearly a hundred years.

Leftists using intimidation tactics for their political gain has its roots in the progressive era of United States history.

But Antifa started becoming a real, tangible threat to Americans in the mid-200s.

It’s generally understood that Rose City Antifa is one of the very first groups to act under the Antifa name, and is based in Portland Oregon.

And over the past nearly 20 years, Antifa has taken a stronghold in the northwestern parts of America and has even stretched eastward to the point that Antifa radicals can easily be found in most major Democrat-controlled cities.

The 2020 BLM riots in particular truly emboldened these Antifa radicals to the point that plenty of Americans don’t even want to live near these cities anymore.

As a result, conservatives have been sounding the alarm about the problem of Antifa violence as of late.

U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) recently went on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News and updated him on the latest surrounding Antifa.

She told him point blank that Antifa are the “ground troops” of the Democrat Party today and that they encourage Antifa’s growth.

“… Antifa is the ground troops of the Democrat Party. Not only are they the ground troops, they breed them, they raise them. And then they bail them out of jail when they get arrested. They never get prosecuted,” Greene shared with Carlson.

Greene continued on saying that in response to the growing problem of Antifa, she’s going to be introducing legislation to declare Antifa as domestic terrorists.

She’s also seeking to find out who these radical Leftists criminals are so law-enforcement can bust any organized Antifa crime.

“That’s why I’m going to introduce legislation to declare Antifa domestic terrorists because they need to be taken apart. We need to investigate exactly who they are, who funds them, and then we need to make sure whenever they come out and erupt in violence, attacking police officers and businesses and cities, like my city…we need to make sure they’re arrested and charged with domestic terrorism charges,” Greene continued.

Greene received support on Twitter from a fellow congressman from Texas, Wesley Hunt.

There’s a reason why the biggest cities in America have historically fallen in the hands of radical Democrats.

It’s because you’ll often find Democrats using violent Leftists to their advantage to get a leg up on their political opposition.

It’s the darkest secret in American politics that no one wants to talk about.

You can check out MTG’s exchange with Tucker Carlson below: