Biden’s campaign made a 2024 announcement that threw the entire race into chaos

Joe Biden

The president needs a boost if he hopes to take back the White House. Now he’s pulling out all of the stops.

And Biden’s campaign made a 2024 announcement that threw the entire race into chaos.

President Biden’s political team boasted of building a $155 million war fund, claiming it was the “highest total of any Democratic candidate in history” at this juncture in a presidential election cycle.

According to the campaign, this mound of cash was topped off with a $53 million harvest in February, which surpassed the $42 million it earned the previous month.

These figures are based on totals from the Biden-Harris campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and their joint fundraising organizations.

They represent the fourth consecutive month of fundraising growth.

“We’re proud of the record-breaking fundraising machine we’ve built that is going toward reaching the voters about the stakes of this election,” Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden-Harris 2024 campaign manager said.

“And we’re just getting started.”

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Rodriguez compared Biden’s financial situation to the future for the Republican National Committee, which just lost scores of employees in a significant shakeup.

Last year, adjusted for inflation, the RNC had its worst fundraising year in three decades, raising $87.2 million and finishing with $8 million in cash on hand, according to the Federal Election Commission.

In contrast, the DNC earned $119 million and ended the year with almost $21 million in cash on hand, according to the FEC.

Former President Donald Trump has changed up the RNC’s leadership, appointing Michael Whatley as chair, top campaign adviser Chris LaClivta as COO, and daughter-in-law Lara Trump as co-chair.

“While Joe Biden and Democrats continue to put up historic grassroots fundraising numbers, Donald Trump and the RNC are in financial disarray,” DNC Chair Jaime Harrison chided.

“Our grassroots supporters know that the stakes of this year could not be higher, and they’re chipping in like our democracy is on the line – because it is.”

Trump and the RNC have not yet published their February totals, but at the end of January, they were almost $41 million behind Biden and the DNC.

The Republican primary contest drew a large number of donations. Furthermore, as he fights 88 criminal charges, Trump has been forced to dip into his campaign funds to assist pay his increasing legal expenditures.

At the end of February 2020, Trump and the Republican National Committee raised $86 million.

According to the most recent RealClearPolitics polling aggregate, Trump still leads his successor in the polls both nationally and in most battleground states.

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