Biden just said the most disgusting thing about White people

Joe Biden

The Left has been race-baiting for years. But this crosses a line.

Because Biden just said the most disgusting thing about White people.

The Democrat Party has been milking the race card for all its worth for years now.

They used it to justify defunding the police in major cities across the country.

They used it to justify burning down cities and killing Americans during the BLM riots.

And they use it every single day when a conservative dares to stand up to their ideology.,

But Biden’s latest comments are more heinous and disgusting than anything we’ve seen from a modern president.

President Joe Biden stoked racial tensions at Howard University’s graduation ceremony on Saturday, stating that “white supremacy” is America’s biggest threat.

Biden delivered the commencement address at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. for the historically black college and university (HBCU). The president had a bleak picture of America’s fight against racism in his speech, arguing that it is “a battle that’s never really over.”

Then, Biden warned graduates to be on the lookout for what he sees as our country’s biggest peril.

“The most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is white supremacy,” Biden told the crowd who responded with applause.

“And I’m not saying this because I’m at a Black HBCU. “I say it everywhere I go.”

The Democratic president also made a veiled reference to his opponent, former President Donald Trump.

“Let’s be clear: There are those who don’t see you and don’t want this future,” Biden said.

“There are those who demonize and pit people against one another. And there are those who do anything and everything, no matter how desperate or immoral, to hold onto power. And that’s never going to be an easy battle.”

The president attempted to inspire the graduates by reminding them that they represent America’s future, a future that demonstrates the “strength of our diversity at the center of American life.”

According to POLITICO, several Howard students in the crowd denounced the Biden administration’s apparent unwillingness to stand up for African Americans.

“A Black child was lynched yesterday!” read one poster, referring to Jordan Neely’s killing on a New York City train earlier this month.

“Biden and Harris don’t care about Black people,” another sign read.
Biden concluded by telling the Howard grads that they represent “the best” of America.

“I know this,” the president admitted.

“The oldest, most sinister forces may believe they’ll determine America’s future, but they are wrong. We will determine America’s future. You will determine America’s future. And that’s not hyperbole.”

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