Biden’s reelection chances plummet after he’s caught in this embarrassing lie

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President Joe Biden is in the fight of his life to win a second term in 2024. But that fight just got a lot harder.

And Biden’s reelection chances plummet after he’s caught in this embarrassing lie.

With the 2024 election creeping around the corner, Republicans are hoping to rake in votes by pointing out just how awful the economy has been under President Biden’s leadership.

Inflation has gone through the roof leading to higher prices of common goods that Americans need in their every-day lives.

Joe Biden and his administration, however, want U.S. citizens to see just how much the economy is thriving under his failed “Bidenomics.”

That includes posting about economic triumphs on X (the site formerly known as Twitter).

But, posting these alleged economic victories haven’t fared well for Biden, as they’ve been proven false by X’s fact-checking service, Community Notes.

In late November, Biden (or the intern who posts for him) made an X post that read, “Let me be clear to any corporation that hasn’t brought their prices back down even as inflation has come down: It’s time to stop the price gouging. Give American consumers a break.”

Community Notes added context under Biden’s post, informing readers that “As long as the inflation rate is positive, prices are increasing. The fact that inflation has come down to 3.2% in October means that prices are still going up, albeit at a slower rate than before.”

And again this past Saturday, a post was shared from the Joe Biden’s official X account that falsely touted accomplishments through Bidenomics.

“Inflation was 0% last month – and our economy grew by more than 5% last quarter. Bidenomics,” the post read.

Community Notes fact-checked the post, saying, “Tweet is referring to the PCE index, % change from the preceding month. Inflation is normally assessed annually (12 months) however, & the Fed’s PCE goal is 2%. It is currently 3%.”

“A more commonly referenced inflation index is CPI, which shows annual inflation of 3.2%.”

This isn’t the first time President Biden or his administration have tried to convince the American public that inflation was at 0% for a month.

In August of 2022, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre posted to X that July 2022 inflation was at 0%.

Joe Biden and his officials are lying through their teeth about the economy and are hoping U.S. citizens don’t notice.

Thankfully X has fact-checking features like Community Notes which calls them out on their lies.

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