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Joe Biden

Biden’s biggest blunder yet just sent the White House up in flames

Ever since the day he was inaugurated, drastic mistakes have plagued President Biden and his team. But this puts the icing on the cake....
Joe Biden

A Biden appointed judge just made a ruling that sent Republicans’ heads spinning

Radical leftism is spreading around the country. But thanks to Joe Biden, that spread is happening quicker than anticipated. And a Biden-appointed judge just...
donald trump

This attack on Donald Trump may have sealed his fate for 2024

The hits keep coming for former President Trump. But this one might be the knockout blow. And this attack on Donald Trump may have sealed...
Donald Trump

Donald Trump is fearing for his life after being asked this haunting question

The former President has been asked many things throughout his political career. But nothing as jaw-dropping as this. And Donald Trump is fearing for his...
Donald Trump

Breaking: This report could change everything for Trump

Democrats are constantly trying to back Donald Trump into a corner. But one revelation might break him free. And this report could change everything...
Jen Psaki

Jen Psaki fell flat on her face in front of millions

Politicians and their lackeys aren't perfect and make mistakes every now and then. But Psaki really dropped the ball on this one. And Jen...
dr fauci

This latest warning from the CDC could bring Dr. Fauci out of retirement

Anthony Fauci stepped down from public service in the medical field last year. But he may have a reason to come back. And this...
Joe Biden

The Biden administration is targeting millions of Americans with this stunning action

The public already doesn't trust the U.S. government. But their distrust is about to be at an all-time high after this startling fact was...
donald trump

Donald Trump was betrayed in a truly shocking way

As one of the biggest names in politics, Trump has a big target on his back. But these days it seems like that target...
cnn hq

CNN HQ is in chaos after this jaw-dropping video exposed their corruption

Left-wing media pundits will always go to bat for Democrats. But sometimes it blows up in their face. And CNN HQ is in chaos after...


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