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Joe Biden

Donald Trump grills Joe Biden for his shameful drug problem

Joe Biden has disgraced the office of the presidency. Now top Republicans are coming forward to give him what for. And Donald Trump grilled Joe...
Joe and Hunter Biden

The DOJ just did the unthinkable to Hunter and Joe Biden

Hunter Biden thought he was off the hook for his crimes. That's not true. Because the DOJ just did the unthinkable to the Biden family...
White House

White House put on lockdown after suspicious substance found

The Biden administration has been caught up in countless scandals. But this is just bizarre. And the White House was put on lockdown after a...
clarence thomas

Democrats shot Clarence Thomas a terrifying threat that will end the Supreme Court

The Left can't stand the number of Supreme Court cases decided in favor of conservatives. Now they want to take the entire Court down. And...
donald trump

Trump’s fortunes just got flipped upside down with this court news

Donald Trump is facing a tough indictment trial over the classified document debacle. The next few months are critical. But Trump's fortunes just got flipped...
barack obama

Barack Obama caught in an embarrassing lie he’ll never recover from

The Obamas are trying to pull strings from behind the curtain. Now they've been exposed for good. And Barack Obama was caught in an embarrassing...
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Top Democrat levels terrifying threat against this Supreme Court Justice

The Court has been throwing down the gauntlet with their recent decisions. The Left is losing their minds. And this top Democrat levels terrifying threat...
Ronald Reagan

The truth about Ronald Reagan that President Biden doesn’t want you to know

Joe Biden's political history goes way back. Even before and during the President Reagan era. But here's the truth about Ronald Reagan that Joe Biden...
Barack Obama

Obama was just delivered devastating news from a federal judge

Barack Obama still has a major influence on the radical Left. But he just got backstabbed big time. Because Obama was just delivered a devastating...
bill clinton

Bill Clinton can’t believe the report that the DOJ just released

Former Democrat President Bill Clinton stays quiet these days. But he can't hide forever. And now Bill Clinton can't believe the report that the DOJ...


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